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European Business School Rankings 2015

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Rankings at a glance
Rank 201515
Rank 2014016
Rank 2013015
3 year average rank015
MBA 2015
Full time MBA 201527
MBA Salary today ($)9,978100,809
MBA Salary increase (%)571
Executive MBA 2015
Executive MBA 2015[1]34
EMBA Salary today ($)#[1]121,022
EMBA Salary increase (%)#[1]55
Masters in Management 2015
Masters in Management 2015[2]34
Masters in Management salary today ($)2,23260,000
Executive Education 2015
Open programmes - Executive Education 201513
Custom programmes - Executive Education 201519
Female Faculty (%)[3]029
International Faculty (%)[3]024
Faculty with doctorate (%)[3]090

1. # Figure in brackets refers to data from second programme for schools with more than one programme ranked.

2. †The Cems programme was ranked number fourth in the Masters in Management 2015 rankings, but it has not been included in the European Business Schools 2015 ranking as it is a programme and not a school.

3. ‡ Data are provided for information only. Most recently published data are given.