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Rank in 2012
Average rank (3 years)
School name
Programme name
Salary today (US$)[1]
Aims achieved rank
Female faculty (%)
Female students (%)
Women on board (%)
Intl. faculty[6]
Intl. students[7]
Intl. board[8]
Intl. mobility[9]
Intl. course[10]
PhD Faculty[12]
Prog. length[13]
1101010HEC ParisFeatured business schoolFranceMSc in International Finance90,7982,5181086213198 (77)52252813131650796653231121110001001000
250--Esade Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainMSc in Finance84,5489,586249281851391 (91)83142701803537048201082109211207030
340--Edhec Business SchoolFeatured business schoolFranceMSc in Financial Markets71,3364,018401815247487 (79)5323272117039268126716401010871801000
4202031Essec Business SchoolFrance / SingaporeAdvanced Master in Financial Techniques73,4121,589160326112493 (85)23011621015143725023030109821321000
5302031IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainMaster in Finance84,780752132408525894 (95)034115428455096882110715000961100186
61005072University of St GallenFeatured business schoolSwitzerlandMaster of Arts HSG in Banking and Finance75,46021931634240100 (61)0133206250781786670251102101002431136810
7604061University of Oxford: SaïdFeatured business schoolUKMSc in Financial Economics91,5443,964984122319595 (82)61324084445749635921523620010009000
8807081ESCP EuropeFrance / UK / Germany / Spain / ItalyAdvanced Master in Finance68,3093,03117722811410586 (98)136021035467133152912361109501321000
820027018Università Bocconi, SDA BocconiFeatured business schoolItalyMaster of Science in Finance74,46011,3672062114211525100 (36)2362297502713534528790218912861000
10---MIT: SloanUSMIT Sloan Masters of Finance Program106,5021038183376 (99)20441137874921260100120
10100120111Skema Business SchoolFranceMSc Financial Markets and Investments59,0461,70424151711121019691 (87)24413813253807515556241107611531000
12709092Grenoble Ecole de ManagementFrance / UK / SingaporeMSc Finance59,316594272111196281393 (74)6431355530441880530755101800243866
131308011Peking University: GuanghuaChinaMaster of Finance86,6897,19212014127110100 (100)0230388501207482045525310951220954
13120180141Stockholm School of EconomicsSwedenMSc in Finance77,2244577415810511298 (97)223122271231352600141143009272111515
15140100133Warwick Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKWarwick MSc in Finance63,4642,4583791322811271196 (73)63624941207659741202433621010021421818
16150130153Imperial College Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMSc Finance64,5362,38529733517613789 (87)9313447380895952500151366001004122226
17160150162City, University of London: CassFeatured business schoolUKMSc Finance60,0034,6872542859317266 (95)33055711479701925537912260096112001
1880110120Cranfield School of ManagementFeatured business schoolUKMasters in Finance and Management67,04718,59314115422930698 (67)1266231419051496723142203641192312000
19220210213Nova School of Business and EconomicsPortugalInternational Masters in Finance45,5863,22632123714256394 (95)3442315332294472333271711201110032011809
2027032026Frankfurt School of Finance and ManagementGermanyMaster of Finance75,5992,7102611002312221391 (92)414227200140541800382122111002222543
21280--Boston College: CarrollUSMaster of Science in Finance94,7502,60050126271241425 (43)69362326801857610303903210086112000
21190210201Kozminski UniversityFeatured business schoolPolandMaster in Finance58,3973,45115316825614494 (87)33214871802231616404257110880243435
23170140183HEC LausanneSwitzerlandMaster of Science in Finance65,14854561341931121178 (81)322722662798146122550162173001000240551
2425026025Vlerick Business SchoolBelgiumMasters in Financial Management59,286402851913048491 (88)329140111762474525922281190109011001000
25180190213Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityFeatured business schoolNetherlandsMSc in Finance and Investments62,1062,11711325415131577 (48)21200323302421699301111161001000142219
26210200223Eada Business School BarcelonaFeatured business schoolSpainMaster in International Finance53,61274422021321142887 (84)13312943812479732432133131105721001318
27260--Illinois Institute of Technology: StuartUSMS Finance78,2307,500402717401745737 (85)92414411832159647718123620083921000
28310250280Durham University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMasters in Finance49,4595,969236408261321283 (57)53655583896459503892642310093412011
29230240253Washington University: OlinUSMaster of Science in Finance72,7332,909396352213115695 (85)82122321024244231131136200972133015
30290300302Tulane University: FreemanUSMaster of Finance68,634968343126299401045 (99)373705861433219682924023620087311000
31230170246Brandeis University International Business SchoolUSMaster of Arts in International Economics and Finance67,636454455311161429251 (80)1934124871432327641911209180008312107336
31310230283Henley Business SchoolUKMSc International Securities, Investment and Banking47,7966,762318232391120877 (48)1841144936114749633619296351008289000
33330--University of Edinburgh Business SchoolUKMSc in Finance and Investment44,23248542324235839796 (51)1633248136951384125010273346009281401110
33300310313University of Strathclyde Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKStrathclyde MSc Finance47,7801,252181398204381593 (69)33723803503219214702342100086612082
35360280333Lancaster University Management SchoolUKMSc Finance42,1774,18833130414416888 (54)113016272504649953163582420088312000
36340350352University College Dublin: SmurfitIrelandMSc Finance45,75454821344438635297 (63)20315434202472741241131912720010001203816
37---University of Rochester: SimonUSFull Time MS in Finance73,1964443373480 (85)1852112589143430082140
3835034036Nottingham University Business SchoolUKMSc Finance and Investment33,924223512983323371086 (86)03846481813809111253013120088212000
39---Adam Smith Business School, University of GlasgowUKMFin International Finance40,8792820432680 (8)376115569603636085120
40400--QUT Business SchoolAustraliaMaster of Business (Applied Finance)41,6445,7953613633632316n/a0492495312353826853273300085018000
41---Leeds University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMSc Accounting and Finance27,9544127241876 (47)40694044100473336079140
42370290366University of Bath School of ManagementUKMSc Accounting and Finance31,8486,48038342934024387 (83)63347723106379731203742920099012011
4339033038Tilburg UniversityNetherlandsMaster in Finance49,789197195324413431458 (41)1420122714314451336901441628500933186717
44---Universidad Adolfo IbanezChileMaster of Science in Finance46,1953026453671 (89)15171232312432006615100
45---University of Arizona: EllerUSMaster of Science in Finance40,65743454444100 (12)303919256504436076126
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Table notesAlthough the headline ranking figures show the relative postions of each institution, the pattern of clustering among the schools is equally significant. Some 230 points separate the top programmes, HEC Paris, from the school ranked number 45. The top 12 participants, from HEC Paris to Grenoble Graduate School of Business, form the top group of pre-experience Masters in Finance providers. The second group, headed by Peking University: Guanghua, spans schools ranked from 13 to 33, a range of some 55 points in total. Differences between schools are small within this group. The remaining 11 schools headed by Lancaster University Management School make up the third group.

1. An average of salaries three years after graduation. The figure shown is in US Dollars, based on purchasing power parity equivalency.

2. The rank is calculated using alumni salaries three years after graduation and course costs. The length of the course is also taken into consideration.

3. The career status of alumni three years after graduation. Progression is measured according to level of seniority and the size of company in which they are employed.

4. Alumni who used the careers service at their business school were asked to rank its effectiveness in their job search.

5. The percentage of the most recent graduating class that were in employment three months after graduation. The figure in brackets shows the percentage of the class for which the school was able to provide employment data.

6. Percentage of faculty whose citizenship differs from their country of employment.

7. Percentage of students whose citizenship differs from the country in which they are studying.

8. Percentage of the board whose citizenship differs from the country in which the business school is based.

9. A measure based on changes in the country of employment of alumni between graduation and today.

10. Weighted average of four criteria that measure international exposure during the Masters programme.

11. Number of additional languages required on graduation from the Masters programme.

12. Percentage of faculty with a doctoral degree.

13. The length of the Masters programme.

14. The percentage of the last graduating class that completed company internships as part of the Masters programme.

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