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European Business School Rankings 2017

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Rank 201715
Rank 201626
Rank 201521
3 year average rank121
MBA 2017
Full time MBA 201713
MBA salary today ($)127,110
MBA salary increase (%)85
Executive MBA 2017
Executive MBA 2017[1]14
EMBA salary today ($)[1]179463
EMBA salary increase (%)[1]75
Master in Management 2017
Masters in Management 201717
Masters in Management salary today ($)12,60071,201
Masters in Management salary increase (%)95
Executive Education 2017
Open programmes - Executive Education 2017-
Custom programmes - Executive Education 201728
Female Faculty (%)[2]125
International Faculty (%)[2]080
Faculty with doctorate (%)[2]094
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CASS Full-time MBA

The Cass Full-time MBA is a 12-month exploration of self-discovery, combining intensive and experiential learning that will sharpen your performance, increase your knowledge, skills and self-awareness so you can rise to the challenges of a rapidly changing global business environment.

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1. # Figure in brackets refers to data from additional joint-programmes for schools with more than one ranked programme.

2. ‡ Data are provided for information only. Most recently published data are given.