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North America Innovative Lawyers 2017: Technology - In-house legal teams

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In-house legal teams
Total innovation score
Standout3M89825Created the P2P tool, a customised patent ratings and product application, to link individual patents to 3M technologies and product groups, helping the legal team optimise the management of its patent portfolio.
StandoutThe Coca-Cola Company78823Built a chatbot to act as the first response for conflict of interest and ethics and compliance queries raised by staff globally. The legal team is building greater approvals functionality into the tool, reducing the time for requests to be processed from 10 days to a matter of minutes.
Highly CommendedBMO Financial87722Developed an enterprise-wide centralised litigation system and was one of the first Canadian in-house legal teams to adopt knowledge-management tools.
Highly CommendedLincoln Financial77822Implemented new monitoring technology to improve detection of fraud and money laundering in call centres. The result has been a reduction in the level of fraud.
CommendedSlack Technologies67720The legal team is using the company’s productivity tools and platform, including bots and emojis, to allow greater nuance in communications across the business. The approach enables granular search and discovery to identify, for example, patent-worthy ideas.
CommendedSouthwire Company66820Created a crisis management system app for employees in all Southwire’s locations, detailing an order of priority in the event of a disaster. This has enabled better forward planning for the business.
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