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North America Innovative Lawyers 2017: Rule of Law and Access to Justice - In-house legal teams

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In-house legal teams
Total innovation score
StandoutChubb Group109827The team founded and operates the Chubb Rule of Law Fund, which advances the rule of law globally by supporting organisations focused on building and strengthening legal institutions. It is the only in-house fund of its kind and, since 2008, has provided grants of over $800,000 to projects supporting the judiciary in emerging markets, development of new laws, enhancing systematic access to legal advice, combating systemic corruption and crime, and developing guidelines and principles for the fair application of the law.
StandoutNestlé99927Supported the establishment of the University of California Berkeley School of Law’s Business in Society course on rule of law and sustainability, working to make these an essential part of the general counsel’s remit. Chief legal officer Ricardo Cortés-Monroy was active in the advisory group of general counsels who published, together with UN Global Compact and Linklaters, the Guide for General Counsel on Corporate Sustainability. The legal team remains an essential member of the working group that is seeking to engage general counsel to increase their contribution to the rule of law agenda.
Highly CommendedBloomberg78823Collaborated with Proskauer, the law firm, on a pro bono initiative aimed at assisting US veterans. The project helps them with the claims process to obtain disability and other benefits. With more than 90 lawyers focused on it, the project has yielded significant results, providing legal assistance for 1,300 veterans and recovering $5.3m in retroactive benefits.
Commended3M78722A dedicated pro bono committee and long-running partnerships with the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans, the Minneapolis-based Volunteer Lawyers Network, the non-profit Children’s Law Center and the Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services organisation has seen the team achieve significant improvements in access to justice for veterans, children in foster care and asylum seekers.
CommendedAon77721The team’s comprehensive global pro bono programme, which includes a dedicated committee and partnerships with community organisations, has brought significant benefits for a range of projects. These include helping refugees navigate the complex path to legal asylum and assisting undocumented youth to obtain work permits.
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