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North America Innovative Lawyers 2017: New Products and Services - In-house legal teams

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In-house legal teams
Total innovation score
StandoutMassMutual910727The legal team has searched for patentable ideas across the business of the life insurance group to turn these into potential revenue generators. A total of 196 patents are pending, with one or two approved each month.
StandoutIBM and IBM Watson Cognitive Legal98825The teams were instrumental in helping its software and services business develop Outside Counsel Insights, a tool that can save companies up to 33 per cent of their external legal spend through auditing invoices.
Highly CommendedBMO Financial78722The team ran competitions and “idea incubator” initiatives across the department to identify, design, and test new products for the business including loans, trading agreements and corporate entities.
Highly CommendedLocal Initiatives Support Corporation77822The not-for-profit body created a vehicle to secure new sources of funding for community development projects, including support for school students and cheap housing in deprived areas.
CommendedBT Americas67720The team has changed the way it delivers its contracting services to the telecoms business, standardising general and technical contract terms so that price is the focus of commercial negotiations with large enterprises. It has reduced the friction in negotiations and increased the speed of contracting.
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