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North America Innovative Lawyers 2017: Data, Knowledge and Intelligence - In-house legal teams

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In-house legal teams
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StandoutGE98825Described as Yelp for lawyers, GE Select Connect is an internal web-based application that helps its lawyers make more informed selections of outside counsel. The tool aggregates large data sets on the company’s preferred law firms in an intuitive, searchable platform. Data points include GE’s spending history with each firm, previous negotiated rates, information on staff diversity at candidate practices, and user feedback scores. The tool also allows preferred firms to maintain their profile information and update contacts.
StandoutHPE88824A sophisticated project management tool built in-house on the Midaxo platform tracks M&A processes to enable real-time analysis of progress in deals and identify deviations from the norm. Over 500 process steps have been built into the tool, providing a guidebook for junior lawyers.
Highly CommendedNetApp78823Early adopters of data analytics and process in the delivery of legal services, the legal team continues to develop automated workflow systems. These include PRADD (Partner Risk Assessment & Due Diligence), which filters compliance concerns across multiple geographies and ensures they are dealt with by the right team, resulting in efficiency gains for the business.
CommendedHome Depot77721When the home improvement depot suffered a data breach, it created a virtual legal team of 10 different firms that contributed different skills to resolve the claims arising from the breach.
CommendedIBM67720Lawyers have developed new analytics capabilities to enable real-time insights into potential compliance risks across IBM in sales transactions, supplier invoices and employee expense claims.
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