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Most innovative US law firms: IP law 2012

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Paul HastingsStandoutGalderma Laboratories v Mylan Pharmaceuticals87823Closed a loophole in the law that allowed generic drug manufacturers to have a Food and Drug Administration-approved drug before the equivalent branded drug patent expired. The result saved Galderma millions of dollars a year. It sets a precedent for patent infringement cases in the pharmaceutical industry.
CooleyStandoutYahoo v Facebook88622The firm helped Facebook see off a claim from Yahoo through the purchase of patents and a countersuit, ending in a strategic partnership in July 2012 that resolved all claims.
CooleyStandoutOnyx Pharmaceuticals v Bayer Corporation68721Adopted a successful dual strategy of litigation and settlement talks with Bayer when it developed a drug that would impact on the drug on which the two companies had previously collaborated.
Perkins CoieStandoutDefence of HTC against Flashpoint Technology, an Apple subsidiary78621While all other parties to the litigation settled, the firm, working on a tight budget, proved that mobile phone maker HTC had not infringed Flashpoint's smart phone patents through a calculated strategy.
Seyfarth ShawStandoutManaging the Wolverine global trademark portfolio78621Although Wolverine's trademark portfolio has increased, the firm has been able to reduce its fees through the development of existing tools and a new client-firm mobile app.
Crowell & MoringHighly commendedDuPont (US) v Kolon Industries (South Korea)67720In a large contested trade-secret case, the firm, through a combination of forensic discovery techniques and a multi-disciplinary team, managed to win a $919.9m award for client Du Pont.
Debevoise & PlimptonHighly commendedBayer v Cipla67720Moved quickly to take action against a rogue foreign company for patent and trademark infringement, successfully recovering all illegal profits made and empowering clients to take a tough stance against overseas violators.
Orrick, Herrington & SutcliffeHighly commendedDefending Nintendo's Wii games consoles77620Secured a change in venue for the trial proceedings from Texas to Washington, which enabled it to successfully defend Nintendo against a challenge from Motiva, the fitness company, which claimed to own the patent behind the Wii technology.
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe and O'Melveny & MeyersHighly commendedDefending Apple against HTC of Taiwan66820When the International Trade Commission ruled in favour of Apple, it reversed decades of precedent. Now infringement occurs at the point of importation of the patent rather than when it is used in the US.
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & GarrisonHighly commendedPutting together the technology consortium that bought Nortel's patent portfolio77620Acting for Ericsson, the firm structured Rockstar, a special purpose vehicle noted for its flexibility and simplicity. It encouraged members to join together and successfully bid for one of the most lucrative patent portfolios in history.
Global IP Law GroupCommendedThe sale of Nortel's patent portfolio to Rockstar, the technology consortium76619Took a creative approach to packaging and evaluating the vast patent portfolio of client Nortel, and helped to achieve the largest patent sale in history, ultimately benefiting the creditors and pension holders in the bankrupt company.
Latham & WatkinsCommendedDefending Cross Match, the identity solutions company67619Transcribing and analysing witness evidence in real time during the trial enabled the firm to highlight inconsistencies in its opponent's case. As a result Suprema, the South Korean manufacturing company, is unable to sell its fingerprint scanning machines in the US.
Cleary GottliebĀ Steen & HamiltonCommendedGoogle's acquisition of Motorola Mobility66618Navigating the successful $12.5bn acquisition of Motorola Mobility by client Google, dealing with a huge patent portfolio acquisition and increased security for its client.
Jones DayCommendedDefending Myriad Genetics against the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)56718The challenge from the ACLU contested that Myriad's human genome patents were invalid. After an initial loss, the Federal Circuit and Supreme Court ruled that isolated DNA molecules obtained in the laboratory are man-made, allowing the biotech industry to continue its practices.
Weil, Gotshal & MangesCommendedYahoo's $7.1bn equity sale to Alibaba, the Chinese company75618Helped Yahoo sell $7.1bn of equity it held in Alibaba back to the Chinese company, also negotiating the continuing IP terms and future investments into China.
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