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Most innovative US law firms 2013: Talent

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Law firm
Paul HastingsStandout78722Developed a firm-specific partner profile competency framework to manage performance and evaluate partner promotions and lateral hires.
Latham & WatkinsHighly commended87621The intellectual property litigation practice employs military decision-making frameworks, empowering junior lawyers to take greater responsibility during trials.
DechertCommended67619Exceptional Teacher Awards recognise top teachers and mentors, while delivering an insight into effective training methods.
Orrick, Herrington & SutcliffeCommended58619The firm has made a substantial commitment to training senior associates to become effective partners.
DLA PiperCommended66618Supported and expanded a course developed by Prof Daniel Bradlow that focuses on the practical skills needed to become a transactional lawyer and is now taught at nine top-level schools.
Debevoise & PlimptonCommended65718A financial training programme designed for investment bankers is given to incoming lawyers in addition to a mini MBA.
DLA PiperCommended56617Created Break Into Law, an initiative bringing existing programmes under one umbrella to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.
Paul HastingsCommended56617Designed a scorecard to track performance and cultivate a culture of action and accountability within the firm.
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