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Most innovative North American law firms 2016: Innovation in Social Responsibility - Pro bono cases

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StandoutDechert89825Helped bring justice to victims of human trafficking by diplomats in numerous civil lawsuits and assisted in wider prevention efforts. The firm has challenged the boundaries of immunity, advocated for legislative change, fought for greater awareness, and helped victims secure T-Visas, which authorised them to remain in the US
StandoutHausfeld78924Working with South African firm Abrahams Kiewitz, lawyers achieved a rare class certification for goldmineworkers in South Africa suffering silicosis and tuberculosis, as a result of poorly maintained working environments since 1965.
StandoutJenner & Block78924In Welch vs US, the firm proved that thousands of inmates were serving unconstitutional prison sentences and achieved a rare Supreme Court ruling that allowed for a constitutional clause to be applied retroactively.
Highly CommendedSullivan & Cromwell78823Working with the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, the firm won a landmark victory in Franco vs US, which ensured that detained immigrants who were mentally-ill no longer had to represent themselves in immigration court.
CommendedChadbourne & Parke77822Working with the Center for Justice and Accountability, the firm used the Torture Victim Protection Act to prosecute the murder of Víctor Jara, a victim of the Pinochet dictatorship. The case has helped to clarify international laws relating to liability during a time of dictatorship.
CommendedRopes & Gray67922The firm successfully argued that the FBI’s forensic experts provided flawed hair analysis and testimony in the criminal trials of George Perrot who had been imprisoned for the past 30 years.
CommendedWeil, Gotshal & Manges77822In Ashker vs Governor of California, the firm won a class action for prisoners at Pelican Bay prison who had been placed in long-term solitary confinement without due cause.
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