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Most innovative North American law firms 2016: Enabling clients to innovate

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StandoutDechert910827After Nimbus Therapeutics spotted the potential of ACC enzymes to treat cancer and liver disease, it called in Dechert to help develop a bifurcated intellectual property strategy that would enable it to sell rights to the enzyme while ringfencing it for medical use. When Nimbus finally sold the medical rights for $1.2bn, the firm’s dual IP approach proved watertight. Commended: Andrea Reid
StandoutMorrison & Foerster98926The firm is helping Caterpillar become a digital business from policy, procedure and regulatory reviews to evaluating its strategy to engage customers and deliver connected products. Commended: Miriam Wugmeister
Highly CommendedCooley88824The firm defended Gevo, a biofuels pioneer, in a patent infringement case brought by large competitor, Butamax. Using a legal costs model that enabled Gevo to fight the case, the firm also helped negotiate a joint licensing deal with Butamax.
Highly CommendedJones Day88824The firm’s work enabled Akebia Therapeutics to commercialise its anaemia drugs in Europe. When rival FibroGen obtained a broad European patent that could have impeded Akebia’s market access, lawyers used a little known US statute to enable them to discover test data from Fibrogen in the US that made its European patent invalid. Commended: Patrick Elsevier
Highly CommendedHogan Lovells78823A legal team that takes a regulatory leadership role in the development of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), it helps clients across many industries, including news, health and energy develop their drone usage. Commended: Lisa Ellman
Highly CommendedPaul Hastings78823The firm helped to launch Samsung Pay on a tight three-month schedule, using a strategy that reinvented the way financial services contracts are created and negotiated and gave 42 payment providers the confidence to sign.
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