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Most innovative North American law firms 2016: Data, analytics & intelligence

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StandoutLittler Mendelson89926With a new team of data scientists, the firm created a range of legal data analytics and prediction modelling services for clients. These include using data to drive clients’ human resources decisions, and audits to identify issues such as gender pay inequity and to reduce litigation risks. Commended: Zev Eigen
Highly CommendedDechert79925The Dechert Antitrust Merger Investigation Timing Tracker, or DAMITT, is the only comprehensive database tracking the length of time antitrust investigations take in the US. It is used to inform legal strategy, advise clients and market the firm’s antitrust practice. Commended: Paul Denis
Highly CommendedMcGuireWoods78924Lawyers and IT staff jointly develop custom data tracking and analysis applications for clients. Examples include a litigation case management solution, an application to identify inconsistencies in employment data and a tool to analyse retail sales data and track potential fraud.
CommendedGoodwin Procter78722A new tool allows lawyers to analyse and explore the firm’s litigation data, covering individual lawyer experience, appearances in US courts, types of work, case outcomes, and time spent, to inform client pitches and manage litigation risk for clients.
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