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Most innovative North American law firms 2015: Most innovative in-house legal teams

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Ansell35A team of just 11 attorneys supports the $1.6bn global healthcare business by using technology and leveraging external relationships. An outsourcing arrangement with Moser Taboada, the intellectual property boutique, helps monetise intellectual property assets and generate profits.
Nasdaq34The lawyers, who both create and enforce rules, work at the convergence of technology and regulation, and have patented market surveillance technology that can be used by other regulators and institutions.
Accenture33The team has transformed the way it works with outside counsel, slashing the number of advisers from 200 to 27 and bringing better value and service through closer, more strategic relationships.
Equinix33The legal team has helped the global expansion of Equinix, the data storage business. Skills include technology innovation such as a tool that automates supply chain searches for quarterly funding reports.
FireEye33The four-year-old team at the cyber security company developed a system to track innovation, which has increased the patent flow from people other than the company's founders. With insurer Marsh, the lawyers created Cyber Oasis (objective assessment scorecard of information security).
General Electric33In the past 18 months the legal team has played a central role in the refocusing of GE, helping to ensure that the sale of GE Capital was ahead of plan and completing the $10.6bn acquisition of Alstom's power and grid business.
The Hershey Company33The multidisciplinary team has shown considerable commercial skill, including inventing a professional system to train the board to react to potential crises.
TriMas Corporation33A small team of lawyers at the packaging to aerospace conglomerate has transformed the company's approach to compliance, monetised its intellectual property and made it more competitive.
3M32A flexible team has increased efficiency in areas such as a preferred network for external counsel, compliance programmes, vetting supply chains, and a robust approach to intellectual property.
Gap32Lawyers are driving efficiencies through the legal finance function and by cutting the number of external advisers. They also contribute to the clothing company’s ethical business stance.
Vodafone Americas legal and regulatory team32In-house lawyers have helped develop the Americas business in the wake of stake in Verizon Wireless, one of the largest deals in corporate history at $130bn.
MasterCard31Under general counsel Tim Murphy, lawyers have increasingly worked to further MasterCard’s strategic transformation.
OneWeb/WorldVu Satellites31As part of a company founded only a year ago, in-house lawyers drove complicated, international joint venture agreements with eight different investor companies to raise funds to create a satellite constellation that aims to offer internet connectivity to 3bn people.
Atmel Corporation29Lawyers at the tech hardware company have trained the workforce to mitigate the company's risk exposure.
Hanesbrands29The clothing company’s legal team, which also has responsibility for corporate social responsibility, has worked on a system to vet the company's supply chain for potentially adverse effects on the brand.
Pernod Ricard USA29Lawyers have cut the amount spent on external lawyers through better use of technology.
Axalta Coating Systems28Following the coatings company’s spin-off from Du Pont and subsequent initial public offering, the legal team has helped bring efficiencies to the business and created a strategic legal function.
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