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Award level[2]
General counsel[3]
Number of lawyers worldwide[4]
IBMMost innovative teamRobert Weber550Reinvented itself as a global function. Global centres of expertise enhance integration and provide junior lawyers with leadership opportunities in virtual teams. A major account programme builds direct relationships between lawyers and IBM’s biggest customers. Recruits graduates straight from law school and has set up its own training facilities.1
DuPontStand-outTom Sager250DuPont’s legal model has promoted change for nearly 20 years. Recently, the team has transformed a benign approach and generated $396m from litigation in 2010. Outside law firms complete critical self-analyses, manage ancillary providers and are given incentives to collaborate.2
FMC TechnologiesStand-outJeff Carr12From designing the Alliance Counsel Engagement System to building knowledge-sharing platforms, the team has pioneered a different approach to value-based billing with outside counsel. Has improved quality, reduced legal costs and is changing lawyers’ behaviour.2
PfizerStand-outAmy Schulman400The Pfizer Legal Alliance sent ripples around the global legal community. A way to save legal costs and improve client-lawyer relationships, the alliance is based on flat-fee arrangements. The legal function has reorganised so each business unit has its own chief counsel and legal team.2
Wolverine World WideStand-outKen Grady4Encouraging external firms to adopt the Six Sigma management strategy, the small legal team has changed the rules of engagement with external advisers. Shares the value of savings with its law firms through a set of metrics. Has also developed its own value brand within the company.2
AllstateHighly commendedMichele Mayes628Has developed a transformative approach to promoting diversity in its external law firms, measuring them on seven criteria. Rotates internal lawyers through other functions and has made a significant contribution to vital communities through mentoring projects such as Street Law and the Chicago Urban Debate League.3
Sony ElectronicsHighly commendedMichael Williams24Developed software tools to open up its knowledge bank. By looking at the needs of customers, it has significantly increased efficiency. Was one of the first to identify recycling as an issue. It also has a creative approach to giving its lawyers business skills.3
Toyota Motor SalesHighly commendedChristopher Reynolds105Steered the company through product liability claims. Has developed smart models to deal with the litigation and increased its profile in the business. Instituted a business manager for the department, moved to alternative fee arrangements and is promoting diversity in outside counsel.3
Anheuser-Busch InBevCommendedSabine Chalmers350 (with corporate affairs)Lawyers share sales and reputation targets with the business in a way that aligns the two. In a department that also includes responsibility for corporate affairs, the team adds shareholder value by fighting legislation, lobbying and preserving the reputation of the industry.4
CSXCommendedEllen Fitzsimmons30Has reduced aggregate legal expenses by 30 per cent. The team extensively uses data and metrics to analyse expenditure and rates in its AFAs and to manage external advisers.4
ChiquitaCommendedJames Thompson13Forced to deal with a US Department of Justice investigation into extortion payments to save the lives of employees in Colombia, the team has also dealt with high-profile issues in multiple jurisdictions over the past five years. Has ensured a calm, quick response to problems.4
Electronic ArtsCommendedStephen Bene45Through technology and process improvements, the team has automated the production of non-disclosure agreements, putting in place a self-service portal for the business and using cloud computing solutions for contract management. Lawyers sit on the boards of business divisions.4
ZyngaCommendedReggie Davis18Helped create a new class of preferred stock to enfranchise employees in the company's growth. Has also encouraged the business to follow regulations through making them fun to comply with.4
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1. Google

2. Stand-out

3. Kent Walker

4. Does not disclose numbers

5. Has influenced the development of information law and how information companies work with regulators and policymakers. The lawyers guided Google through its decision to stop censoring search results in China, and continually tread new legal ground.

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