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Award level
Seyfarth ShawStand-outClient service model88824Using the Six Sigma management process to revamp the firm's business model in a way that is unique to the profession. In some cases, the firm has been able to reduce fees by 30 per cent.
Bryan CaveStand-outStructural approach to innovation87722Creating teams dedicated to improving process and innovation. One of them, the client technology group, develops technology solutions.
AxiomStand-outManaged services77721Employing an advanced process and technology-based efficiencies to improve legal functions or workflows.
Cleary Gottlieb Steen & HamiltonStand-outRegulatory reform initiative67720A customised interactive database that tracks financial regulatory reform for clients, is customisable and meets a pressing business need.
Crowell & MoringStand-outAlternative fee arrangements (AFAs)67720Wholesale adoption of AFAs that encompasses 25 of the firm's top clients, representing a third of its revenue in 2010.
Orrick, Herrington & SutcliffeStand-outTalent model; alternative fees and innovative client relationships; alternative metrics; global operations centre77620An overall approach to being innovative, the firm has tried to become more efficient, manage its people and clients better and has attempted to measure success differently.
Fenwick & WestHighly commended“Flex”67619The technology licensing practice offers experienced attorneys the opportunity to become part of their clients' legal teams to help with fluctuations in resourcing requirements.
Paul HastingsHighly commendedProviding market intelligence in the commercial lending sector67619Addressing the lack of data in secured loan transactions, built a database to identify market issues for clients.
Seyfarth ShawHighly commendedFacilitating a multinational transaction for Royal Bank of Canada67619Brought the use of Six Sigma to its client's transactions, thereby transforming the bank's experience of legal services.
WilmerHaleHighly commendedAlternative fee arrangements67619One of the first to go to market with a comprehensive AFA programme, the firm has instituted a “matter management” programme. It stresses relationships, strategy and team management alongside billing arrangements. Some 15 per cent of the firm's fees are now under AFAs.
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & RosatiHighly commendedSupporting west coast business76619Through information technology tools such as the term sheet generator and document automation through to its entrepreneurs college, the firm supports its clients through cutting costs and training.
Davis Polk & WardwellCommendedRegulatory tracker and hub66618One of the first tools invented by law firms to meet the Dodd-Frank Act changes, the firm's hub offers services to clients on a fixed-fee basis. It is complemented by reports that track the progress of the rule makers.
DechertCommendedProject management cost-cutting initiative66618Prompted by clients, the firm has begun to change the way it strategises, budgets and communicates. It is developing value-based fee structures.
Dewey & LeBoeufCommendedMock mergers and acquisitions negotiation programmes, M&A forums, in-house training sessions67518Offering training and business development, the firm is pioneering a new form of commercial education to law students, while also training in-house legal teams in Silicon Valley.
Freshfields Bruckhaus DeringerCommendedUsing the downturn67518Taking advantage of the downturn to hire talent and expand its US footprint, the firm is inventing global products for clients while also using process maps to deliver better efficiencies.
Kenyon & KenyonCommendedEmergency rebranding services56718A systematic workflow and staffing model that expedites the corporate name change clearances for companies.
Latham & WatkinsCommendedPractice support services team66618A multi-disciplinary team, created to support the litigation department, offering tools, technologies and consulting services to achieve clients' goals cost-effectively.
Seyfarth ShawCommendedCross-border business model for employment law services56718An integrated service that crosses 140 countries and offers clients a single point of contact for complex employment requirements.
Allen & OveryCommendedOnline system to track global regulatory reforms66517A portal that works through a strong visual content to help financial institutions stay on top of changing regulations in the US and overseas.
Cadwalader, Wickersham & TaftCommendedResponse to Dodd-Frank Act and Consumer Protection Act56617Rated by clients, the firm's securities and futures analysis helps clients see the thinking behind the regulators’ decisions.
Shook, Hardy & BaconCommendedHelping clients manage legal budgets through the Tyco model56617One of the first to actively help clients control litigation costs through its work for Tyco, which has now been rolled out to other projects and across practice areas.
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