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Award level
Taylor WessingStand-outNew Street Solutions77620Integrated system developed with Swiss Post Solutions to provide electronic due-diligence, contract-management and data-mining services.
Allen & OveryHighly Commended“Greenlight” legal advice portal76619Legal database and document-management system to help global financial institution clients share legal advice internally.
GarriguesHighly Commended“Darwin” portal57618Gives clients access to manage their trademark portfolios without needing to involve an intellectual-property lawyer.
Hogan LovellsCommendedTechnology-led approach to litigation support56617A blended approach to using technologies such as predictive coding and intelligent prioritisation. The tools have allowed the team to review hundreds of thousands of documents in short timeframes before trial and at significant cost savings.
AshurstCommendedTri-polar business integration system56516Bespoke system developed to integrate core business systems and allow data synchronisation of the firm’s practice and client-management applications.
Mills & ReeveCommendedGeneral practitioner commissioning portal46616Portal gives free advice on the legal framework for commissioning GPs in the UK’s National Health Service.
Wragge & CoCommended“eLOG” bespoke software56516Online system connects file-management, time-recording and client-care applications.
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