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Award level
Irwin MitchellStand-outComprehensive business strategy88723A suite of initiatives makes this one of the most ground-breaking, best-known law firms in the UK. One of its latest initiatives was partnering with the Daily Telegraph newspaper to provide readers with immediate legal advice.
Bevan BrittanStand-outPublic services strategy78722A strategic review returned the firm to focusing on its strengths. Implementation of the strategy has led to considerable improvement in its fortunes.
AxiomStand-outCreating a new category of legal provider77721Building on its unusual structure, Axiom purchased a disclosure company in 2010, which added 100 lawyers to the firm and enables it to offer savings to clients. Axiom enjoys growth of 30 per cent a year.
Portolano Cavallo Studio LegaleStand-outActing as a business68721Improved its management functions by hiring a C-level suite of executives and managing through a committee. The result of various initiatives has been a 65 per cent increase in revenue since 2008.
WigginStand-outMedia focus87621Concentrating on media clients, the firm engages Generation Y and women, and has developed new partnering models with its clients.
Addleshaw GoddardHighly CommendedAlternative pricing model77620With the help of Cranfield School of Management, the firm is pioneering pricing models.
AshurstHighly CommendedAshurst committee67720A body set up to change working practices, it is currently looking at work / life balance and communications. Workshops make the process mutual and interactive.
Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves PereiraHighly CommendedResponding to Generation Y76720An analytical approach to generations and their different values informs the firm’s management approach.
Freshfields Bruckhaus DeringerHighly CommendedGender equality77620Tackles gender inequality within the firm through initiatives such as coaching, networking and role models.
Kromann ReumertHighly CommendedSales training for associates87520An unusual tack for a law firm to take – tackling lawyers’ inherent resistance to sales and marketing.
LinklatersHighly CommendedMeasuring success differently77620Breaking away from only measuring its performance against financials, the firm has set a new bar in assessing the performance of its people and itself as a business.
Allen & OveryHighly Commended“Advanced” organising principle77519Developed a strategic principle to guide its activities, centred on being the most “advanced” law firm.
Baker McKenzieHighly CommendedPeople strategy66719Using open dialogue with staff to meet the challenges of the recession and transform them into opportunities to develop human resources.
Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves PereiraHighly CommendedGender equality67619Two partners have been asked to examine working practices in the firm with a suite of technological and flexible working policies.
EvershedsHighly CommendedShadow senior management team67619A team of associates and business professionals shadows the executive committee to get them more involved in the business.
Hogan LovellsHighly CommendedIntegrated people development function67619Developing a new people strategy to support new partners and develop existing ones.
Kemp Little ConsultingHighly CommendedTechnology strategy67619Strong strategic focus on technology and related work such as intellectual property.
LABLAWHighly CommendedItalian employment law boutique67619Instituted operational innovations such as a 24-hour helpline.
Boyes TurnerCommendedBecoming Thames Valley’s dominant firm66618A focus on establishing new practices such as an industrial disease team has kept the firm at the top of the region.
GarriguesCommendedRemuneration best practices in Spain66618Developed a human resources consultancy that integrates different disciplines.
Jones DayCommendedCompensation and governance system57618Compensation system based on qualitative appraisals rather than financials. Heavily dependent on the managing-partner system of governance.
Kyllingstad Kleveland AdvokatfirmaCommendedFocused law firm in the oil and gas industry66618Integrated approach to deliver legal services to an industry, which has yielded high financial returns since its launch in 2007 and through the downturn.
LinklatersCommendedForging relationships66618From graduate trainees to staff, the firm set out to change its engagement and empower each of these groups.
NoerrCommendedAttracting Generation Y66618A comprehensive engagement exercise to position the firm as the employer of choice.
TLT SolicitorsCommended“Aspire” programme66618Leadership development for associates that encourages skills such as marketing and sales.
Tuca Zbarcea & AsociatiiCommendedGeneration Y focus66618A suite of measures to enfranchise and motivate associates.
Wragge & CoCommendedCommunications strategy76518Using pictures and story-telling techniques to communicate the firm’s corporate strategy.
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