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Award level
CMS Cameron McKennaStand-outTen-year deal to outsource all support services to Integreon87823The most comprehensive outsourcing arrangement in the legal sector, it includes the transfer of support services and management positions. Investment in skills and information-technology infrastructure will allow the firm to offer new services and collaborate better with clients.
EvershedsStand-outMoving offshore finance, procurement and human resources through Accenture77721A seven-year contract that aims to streamline support processes and deliver them from lower-cost jurisdictions. The firm now has access to procurement specialists and has already achieved savings.
Allen & OveryHighly CommendedMoving legal and business support services to Belfast66719To streamline operational work while maintaining control over quality, the firm has set up shared services and legal service centres in lower-cost Belfast.
Herbert SmithHighly CommendedBelfast operation for large-scale document review66618In April 2011, the firm opened a Belfast office to offer more competitively priced services. Clients are given the option to use the team as part of an integrated service.
Addleshaw GoddardCommendedTransaction services team56617A dedicated team of 40 paralegal staff handles document review and litigation support. The Manchester-based team has helped the firm win new work.
ShoosmithsCommendedOnshore services hub to manage administrative tasks56617Based in a cheaper onshore location, a process-driven facility delivers consistent and timely billing and reporting to clients. IT systems enable a live exchange of data with client systems.
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