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Award level
Slaughter and MayStand-outPension deficit for equity swap for Uniq77721Faced with a £400m (€461m) pensions deficit that threatened the company’s survival, the firm invented a life-saving transaction. Transferred 90 per cent of Uniq’s equity to a new company, to be sold for the benefit of the pension scheme.
Slaughter and MayHighly CommendedPension funding partnership structures76720Developed a structure in which the employer transfers assets to a partnership that uses those assets to generate income by leasing them back to the employer. This solution has been rolled out to a number of blue-chip UK companies.
EvershedsCommendedPension-deficit re-engineering76619Working for a private equity investor, the firm combined a management buy-out with a pension-deficit restructuring. Creating a new company for the express purpose of being wound up, the firm transferred the pension liabilities to it. This enabled the pension deficit to be transferred to the UK Pension Protection Fund.
Baker McKenzieCommendedAdvising the trustees of the Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund66618An innovative security package was developed to enable a £600m pension scheme buy-out by Ludica. Going beyond the role of lawyers to develop the broader commercial strategy, the firm’s solution represents a new benchmark in the field of pension buy-outs.
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