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Law firm
Allen & OveryStandout25997After developing a range of alternative delivery models, the firm is combining them in an integrated legal services offering.
OlswangStandout25997A job swap between the firm's property department and engineering company GKN to bring process improvement to life.
AxiomStandout24888Using data and technology to redesign how commercial and legal contracts are managed for large companies.
Berwin Leighton PaisnerStandout24897Combining lower cost and flexible resources, third-party providers and process improvement expertise for a fixed price.
EvershedsHighly Commended23887Collaborated with technology provider Searchflow to reduce the average time for a property search from 28 to six days.
Kennedy Van der LaanHighly Commended23788Central management and hub for the Nike Alliance, an international network of local law firms.
LinklatersHighly Commended23698A dedicated business improvement team has driven a fresh approach to managing work and greater use of paralegals.
Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & AssociadosHighly Commended23698A review of the client engagement life cycle has led to an overhaul of process and a change in the firm’s culture.
Pinsent MasonsHighly Commended23788A litigation modelling tool and new project management methods give greater control and visibility of costs in big disputes.
Vieira de Almeida & AssociadosCommended22877Combined the firm's human resources, client and financial information on an original and interactive visual platform.
White & CaseCommended22688Matter Pathways map the life cycle of different transactions and collect related knowledge resources in one place.
Addleshaw GoddardCommended21786Long-term career paths and new training and development programmes for paralegals working in the Transactions Services Team.
Bird & BirdCommended21678An integrated planning tool to help the UK government roll out Smart Meters to 30m homes.
EvershedsCommended21786Training programmes to change the way lawyers use technology and manage increasing volumes of client data.
AshurstCommended20776Career development for legal analysts in the firm's Glasgow office to develop broad legal and business skills.
Pinsent MasonsCommended19676A single supplier deal to handle Asda's employee disputes work for a fixed-fee that reduces over time, rewarding increasing efficiency.
Gómez-Acebo & PomboCommended18576A value-based billing approach supported by legal project management and pricing training.
Pérez-LlorcaCommended18666Collaborated with Thomson Reuters Aranzadi to combine firm know-how and external legal content in a single database.
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