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LinklatersStandout24897The firm has made an active commitment to the UN’s principles of good governance, pulling together expertise from across its practices to improve standards in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, and working on both a pro bono and a paid-for basis.
GarriguesStandout23887With Corporate Excellence, a think-tank that includes most leading Spanish companies, the firm predicts social responsibility trends to aid the companies’ behaviour.
CMS & DLA PiperStandout22787Joint research to analyse domestic violence laws in 24 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa to enable Chinese non-governmental organisations to lobby for better legislation.
DLA PiperStandout22778The firm utilised its global resources to help build the legal infrastructure in Timor-Leste.
Freshfields Bruckhaus DeringerStandout22877The first firm to sign up to the Ban the Box campaign, which seeks to help ex-offenders move into the workforce.
A&L GoodbodyHighly Commended21777Formed a three-year partnership with education development charity Suas to raise literacy standards in Ireland.
Allen & OveryHighly Commended21678The firm's two-year global partnership with AfriKids, a child-rights charity in Ghana, is enabling the organisation to become financially independent.
Arthur CoxHighly Commended21777A programme that is run by trainee solicitors at the firm to raise the standards of living in a rural region of Zambia.
Reed SmithHighly Commended21588The firm’s Social Impact Finance Group works pro bono to aid social change programmes.
AshurstCommended20776Structured the first “co-mingling” fund to combine commercial and philanthropic funding for UK artistic and social projects.
DechertCommended20686Conducted an analysis of Kenya's ratification of the Maputo Protocol, a bill on women's rights, setting the framework for other African nations.
Herbert Smith FreehillsCommended20776The firm supported the set-up of Impossible, a UK social network designed to start a gift-economy, through incorporating the microfinance social business principles of Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus into its constitution.
LinklatersCommended20677Comprehensive support to the International Centre for Advocates Against Discrimination through research and analysis to help it in its fight against structural discrimination.
Uría MenéndezCommended20677A partnership with Fundación Obra Social “La Caixa” to help social entrepreneurs realise their potential.
Van DoorneCommended20677Facilitating social entrepreneurship in the Netherlands through a research centre at Utrecht University and advice to clients on social impact bonds.
White & CaseCommended20785Applied EU and UK data privacy laws to USAID’s anti-terrorism vetting procedures in support of NGOs operating in conflict areas.
Gómez-Acebo & PomboCommended19685Created the EXEQUO programme to enable lawyers to improve NGO frameworks that protect vulnerable people in Spain.
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