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Law Firm
SchillingsStandout27999Moved to an alternative business structure (ABS) to integrate the firm’s defamation legal practice with risk consulting and cyber security services.
Bird & BirdStandout24897Developed a strategy to focus on disruptive technology work, having recognised the area as an emerging market.
Gómez-Acebo & PomboStandout24888Devised a strategy to develop and empower young partners and the next generation of leaders.
WigginStandout24888Under a new ABS, the firm has invested in media-related businesses, increasing profile and profits.
AxiomHighly Commended23788Launched a series of linked programmes to strengthen its employee model, including an equity initiative.
EvershedsHighly Commended23986Brought legal services online in a new way via its pensions and employment team’s auto-enrolment legal compliance tool.
PLMJHighly Commended23887Maintained its competitive edge through the creation of new pricing units in debt recovery, due diligence, trademarks and patents.
Allen & OveryHighly Commended22787Developed more powerful communications following an internal survey that showed that its strategy was not sufficiently understood.
Berwin Leighton PaisnerHighly Commended22877Changed the way the firm communicates with clients to include powerful visuals.
Vieira de Almeida & AssociadosHighly Commended22787Designed and implemented a fast-track career programme based on an appraisal process that identifies “A players” and “B players”.
Wolf TheissHighly Commended22688Implemented a cohesive, standardised training programme focusing on dispute resolution, finance, corporate and property.
Dirkzwager Advocaten & NotarissenCommended21777Devised an intensive social media and information-sharing campaign including a new public law library.
Latham & WatkinsCommended21777Developed an internal competitive intelligence platform through an online database of press articles and demographic data.
Van DoorneCommended21786Created the Beating Experience programme to help associates understand the complexities of the Dutch healthcare system.
LinklatersCommended20776Brought transparency and consistency to treatment and experiences of employees across the firm.
LinklatersCommended20776Established a holistic group to deal with regulatory risk, governance and compliance issues for clients across borders.
MacfarlanesCommended20587Set up a financial services regulatory group following a gap-analysis that showed the need for non-complex, commercial compliance and risk advice.
Miranda Correia AmendoeiraCommended20776Implemented a new branding philosophy to help the firm stand out from peers, entitled “Reach Further”.
Mishcon de ReyaCommended20767Created a programme for the use of pre-emptive injunctions, assessing and analysing the results to effectively add value for clients.
PwC Tax & Legal ServicesCommended20776Developed an innovation model, driven out of Spain, with a focus on speed, efficiency and creativity training.
ShoosmithsCommended20677Formed a monthly client investment forum to address and resolve financial and personnel resource decisions affecting client relationships.
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