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Most innovative law firms 2016: Innovation in strategic collaborations for clients

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StandoutKing & Wood Mallesons271098In a highly unusual project, the firm was asked to create the legal framework for a disruptive economic innovation based on a new virtual currency. The ECO Capacity Exchange enables companies to trade their excess capacity, in the form of available but unused goods and services. Transactions rely on the Enterprise-backed Credit Obligation (ECO), a unit of exchange supported by investment-grade multinational companies and based on traditional currencies. The aim is to circumvent volatile money created by governments and stimulate new sources of capacity-backed demand. The lawyers had to create a mechanism for facilitating barter-like transactions using a new concept of money. Commended: Tim Bednall.
StandoutHerbert Smith Freehills and Boeing Defence UK26998Structured a strategic IT partnership agreement between Boeing and Staffordshire Police to facilitate a force-wide IT transformation programme. Commended: Nick Pantlin.
Highly commendedCooley24888Represented a consortium of university tech transfer offices to develop the legal framework for Apollo Therapeutics, a joint venture and investment fund established by three UK universities and three pharmaceutical companies to fund university research into life sciences. Commended: Nicola Maguire.
Highly commendedNautaDutilh24798Represented the World Wide Fund for Nature, the National Parks Foundation of Bonaire and Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire in a challenge to halt the construction of a pier and establish public law principles to preserve the marine park while balancing development goals. Commended: Berend Haagen.
Highly commendedAddleshaw Goddard23887Created a unique employee stock ownership plan to provide the client with the flexibility to widen the staff ownership structure to achieve further engagement and incentives. Commended: Jonathan Cheney.
Highly commendedGowling WLG23878Developed an alliance agreement between Lambeth council, an NHS trust and volunteer organisations to provide better patient care in mental health. Commended: Robert Breedon.
Highly commendedPérez-Llorca23788Established a joint venture between a media group and a start-up accelerator with the aim of facilitating an “ads-for-equity” model, whereby start-up companies in the joint venture can access the advertising clout of the parent media company in exchange for a portion of equity.
Highly commendedSimmons & Simmons23878Advised on a collaboration between six global pharmaceutical companies, the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK and the UK Department of Health to develop and launch the Dementia Discovery Fund, the world’s first investment fund focusing on dementia. Commended: Charles Mayo and Matthew Pitman.
Highly commendedVdA23887Co-founded the city of Lisbon’s BoaBoa crowdfunding platform, aimed at improving investment in social projects and providing small companies with seed capital. Commended: Fernando Resina da Silva.
CommendedRousaud Costas Duran22778Advised on the creation of a start-up accelerator in Barcelona for Mobile World Capital Barcelona, which was structured as a public-private joint venture between the city and a French incubator. It will assist 30 start-up projects with seed capital and advice.
CommendedSimmons & Simmons22778Advised GlaxoSmithKline, one of three pharmaceutical companies collaborating to establish Apollo Therapeutics, with the purpose of funding life-science research.
CommendedPLMJ21786Advised GlaxoSmithKline, one of three pharmaceutical companies collaborating to establish Apollo Therapeutics, with the purpose of funding life-science research.
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