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Most innovative law firms 2016: Innovation in business development and knowledge sharing

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Total Innovation Score
StandoutCadwalader, Wickersham & Taft26998Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft The firm devised an affordable way for smaller companies to access securitisation techniques. Structured finance products are usually the preserve of bigger businesses and incur large legal fees. However, the firm has invented the documentation for a small financing product which could scale up to attract institutional investors while keeping legal costs low. Facilitating small and medium-sized businesses’ access to alternative financing means the firm can retain them as clients as they grow. As well as benefiting the firm, this approach has acted as a stimulus to the alternative finance industry. Commended: Jeremiah Wagner.
StandoutPinsent Masons26998In 2014, UK pensioners were allowed to cash out their entire pension, rather than being obliged to take out an annuity. For some insurance companies, the end of the mandatory annuity market meant their revenues would be halved. Pinsent Masons devised, created and pitched a new insurance product to its pensions clients to help them attract and retain customers. Commended: Simon Laight.
StandoutDLA Piper24888The firm created a unique working group with legal think-tank Cercle Montesquieu to review proposed changes to the French Civil Code, which had not been reformed since 1804.
StandoutNorton Rose Fulbright24888The firm developed the Court Intelligence Database, which gathers data about ongoing claims to enhance the firm's legal expertise in precedent pleadings and help clients go through litigation.
Highly commendedBird & Bird23788A digital strategy to provide clients with focused content online has made the firm's website a go-to place for technology clients.
Highly commendedCadwalader, Wickersham & Taft23878Working with the Loan Market Association, the firm is lobbying for change in the securitisation sector.
Highly commendedHassans23887The firm is establishing the legal and regulatory framework necessary to develop an insurance-linked securities sector and practice in Gibraltar.
CommendedWolf Theiss23896Introduced an initiative that appraises and financially rewards partners for collaboration and is designed to maximise the firm's cross-selling opportunities.
CommendedDeloitte Abogados22787A service for insurance and banking clients dealing with cyber incidents, including legal and forensics, crisis communications and security services from Deloitte Consulting.
CommendedGowling WLG22787Developed a sweeping digital strategy in which the firm's rebranded knowledge management team, now Digital Information and Legal Systematics, plays the critical role.
CommendedObelisk Support22787Obelisk’s mission to promote women in the law is strongly supported by The Attic, a magazine and forum for external speakers, and The 100 Years Project, which highlights women’s struggle for equality.
CommendedAequo21687The first firm in Ukraine to launch online legal services and share information with in-house clients, Aequo has shown leadership in commissioning surveys on the profession and sharing the results with peers.
CommendedBaker McKenzie21687The firm's Reaching New Heights report is a first complete analysis of Chinese investments in the 28 EU countries, covering the period from 2000 to 2015. Considered a benchmark by banks and governments.
CommendedEversheds21876Developed with Aon Hewitt, a human capital consultancy, a new fixed-fee service helps small to medium-sized pension funds transfer liabilities to insurers through a buy-in / buy-out deal.
CommendedGowling WLG21777Developed a thought leadership report that helps mid-market corporates make growth decisions while also revealing the firm's Aim capabilities.
CommendedHogan Lovells21777Produced the Go for Gold report, covering analysis of and solutions to the legal and practical challenges of social entrerprises using “golden shares” to protect their core mission.
CommendedKochański Zięba & Partners21786In a break from the usual practice, the firm focused its growth strategy on countries that are not yet major trade partners of Poland, in regions such as Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
CommendedMills & Reeve21687Highlighted key legal issues in the use of driverless cars and come up with solutions to advance their development and inform new regulation in the UK and Europe.
CommendedVdA21777The first law firm-led forum for in-house lawyers in Portugal that operates on the three levels of professional development, technical skills and networking. It already numbers 100 members and includes junior in-house lawyers.
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