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Marketing & PR 2008

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Award Level
Clifford ChanceStandoutInternational Climate Change Survey: global issue research to influence government and business.67821Going beyond the usual market research survey to create a piece of thought leadership that was discussed at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Secured extensive media coverage and positioned the firm as a leader on this key issue.
Maclay Murray & SpensStandoutMMS KnowlEDGE: integrated branding and promotional campaign for the firm's added-value knowledge products.66719Launched a client hub on the firm's website along with an integrated marketing campaign over 12 months that resulted in 1,624 registrations - 40 per cent of whom were individuals at or just below Board level.
LinklatersStandoutA series of seminars looking at climate change from different perspectives. Exceptionally well-executed.57719Involved some leading figures - Lord Stern, author of the Stern Review on climate change; Hilary Benn, the UK environment secretary; and Lord Browne, ex- chief executive of BP. Attendees felt it was comparable to a Chatham House event and commendable for the firm to instigate this debate.
Freshfields Bruckhaus DeringerStandoutGetting it right: Product recall in the EU' - the only data-rich report in response to a surge in product recalls.67619An independently researched report that was combined with the firm's expertise in the field to contribute to debate with the regulator, win the firm work and start conversations with potential clients.
TLT SolicitorsHighly CommendedBody and Mind Day: a novel take on corporate hospitality to build a specific client relationship.76518A day event for 12 senior managers that looked at their work-life balance in the morning, with poker sessions in the afternoon to address the challenges of taking risks.
Herbert SmithHighly CommendedC2SD: joined-up legal advice on legal and regulatory issues relating to climate change.66618A forum for the firm to bring together all its advice on climate change issues in conjunction with its European law firm partners, Gleiss Lutz and Stibbe. Has directly generated work for the firm, enhanced know-how and made the firm more attractive to graduates.
EvershedsHighly CommendedA survey about the relationship between private equity firms and management teams.57618Using the firm's partners to conduct research in the mid-market private equity space was novel. Enabled the firm to be a useful provider of information to private equity firms and to position itself as a thought leader. Also garnered extensive media coverage.
DLA PiperHighly CommendedDLA Piper Re-brand: the process from inception to roll-out (including a global advertising campaign).66618A successful rebranding exercise that involved consultation with employees to come with the strapline 'Everything Matters' - an unusually deep, systematic and efficient exercise for a law firm with some new elements.
Nörr Stiefenhofer LutzHighly CommendedThe Kiss Principle: use of bank-card- size hand-outs that has won clients.65617Ground-breaking for the German market to use humour and irony in this way to market the firm. These small cards carry important guidance and have won direct instructions.
Clifford ChanceHighly CommendedDusseldorf Energy Law Day: firm organised conference on energy regulation.56617Three hundred and fifty key players in Europe's energy industry gather every year to attend this high-level event that raises the firm' s profile, generates work and provides a unique talking shop for the industry.
Allen & OveryHighly CommendedClient Analytics: a tool to measure the health of client relationships.76417A business development tool that enables the firm to analyse the strength, breadth and depth of client relationships. Innovative in its measurability and move away from a pure financial measure.
Tuca Zbarcea & AsociatiiCommendedCircumventing Romanian rules restricting law firm marketing through www.bizlawyer.ro.65516The website acts as a bridge between the Romanian legal community and those of other countries. The firm teamed up with Bullet Media to produce a comprehensive resource that acts as a service to other law firms.
Russell Jones & WalkerCommendedA suite of six value added services to intelligently address employment questions.56516These cover whistleblowing, reviews of compromise and severance agreements, a microsite for senior executives and an online questionnaire regarding discrimination. They aim to give quick, tailored advice to clients.
NabarroCommendedBranding exercise for the firm which produced the strapline 'Clarity Matters'.56516A thorough branding campaign which involved some innovative elements such as the use of comic sketches to engage employees with the firm's core brand value.
Denton Wilde SapteCommendedIGNITE: the rapid transformation of business development, client relationship management and pitch production in the firm.46616A comprehensive overhaul of the firm's business development and client relationship management capabilities. Two man years of processing time have been saved and the entire partnership trained in best business development practice.
Blake LapthornCommendedSponsorship of Geoff Holt's Personal Everest, the disabled yachtsman's attempt to sail singlehanded around Britain.65516Firm runs a series of 'Challenge' lectures into which this high-profile sponsorship fitted. A potentially risky initiative as Geoff Holt is a disabled sailor and the appeal of his quest was primarily personal rather than business oriented.
Baker McKenzieCommendedClient Business Forum: an upgrade on the seminar idea.55616Using a Harvard Business School case in the forum to ensure real-life issues for clients were addressed. Analysing the decision-making process of both in-house and private practice lawyers was novel.
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