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Parabis LawStandout24987The umbrella business model that combines law firms and alternative business structures (ABSs) set up in partnership with insurance clients is now offering a range of consumer legal services.
PwC LegalStandout23788The first legal arm of the big four accounting firms to be granted an ABS licence, the firm is pursuing growth and raising its profile.
Allen & OveryHighly Commended22877A licensing model to provide legal content while partnering with technology suppliers and financial institution clients.
Red Bar LawHighly Commended22886A growing ABS that manages the secondment of barristers directly to corporate clients at a fixed price.
AccessSolicitor.comHighly Commended21885The comparison site pools available information on firms of barrister and solicitors and generates suggestions for consumers.
Kemp Little ConsultingHighly Commended21777A new consulting arm allows the law firm to offer combined legal and business advice to technology and digital media clients.
Berwin Leighton Paisner's Lawyers on Demand ‘On Call’Commended20686A transactions service to staff complex legal projects for law firm and corporate clients.
HaleburyCommended20677Provides the outsourced equivalent of an in-house legal service for clients and an alternative career for experienced lawyers.
Keystone LawCommended20776The dispersed law firm has continued to grow and recently launched Keypoint Law in Australia.
Obelisk SupportCommended20677Developed an online platform to manage teams and build a community among nearly 700 lawyers working from different locations.
Refund.meCommended20776A technology-driven business that automates compensation claims against airlines.
Richmond ChambersCommended20677The first barrister-only ABS, the chambers provide cost-efficient services by using online technologies and paralegals.
Riverview LawCommended20776The ABS business has invested in new technology and data analytic capabilities to serve large corporate clients.
Emsleys SolicitorsCommended19766A free service to reassess personal injury claims supported by a website and consumer marketing campaign.
Outer Temple ChambersCommended19775The reorganised chambers introduced a new contribution structure to incentivise and retain high-earning barristers.
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