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Innovation in Operational Change 2013

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Business Alignment
Value Creation
Heathrow Airport Holdings797831The in-house legal team has taken on a broad role, adding value to the business and saving money. It continues to lead on expansion strategies.
ArcelorMittal887730A strategic overhaul to transform the legal function into one that better serves the future development of the company.
Land Securities977629Undertook a complex panel review to make external firms commit to property work and pioneered a short-form tenancy lease agreement.
PGGM777728Encouraging high performance from the team through smart management, cutting costs and making the legal department one of the most respected in the company.
Amey676726Contributing to the bottom line by helping the company win competitive tenders and improving internal efficiency through education.
Google Italy555621Helping Google set up in Italy, winning content battles and regulatory disputes.
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