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Co-operative Legal ServicesStand-outHigh street law78823A big brand with ambitions to become the largest consumer-focused legal provider in the UK in 10 years’ time. The Co-op seeks to run its own legal services division, with substantial synergies between its funeral care and financial services business lines.
Epoq Legal ServicesStand-outLegal technology provider78722Epoq’s blend of technologists and lawyers provides the infrastructure for many of the new entrants in the wake of the UK Legal Services Act, including Halifax, the AA, MoreThan, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Allianz.
Irwin MitchellStand-outFuture alternative business structure77721The law firm is investigating becoming an alternative business structure under the LSA to fund expansion into a diverse range of activities. Plans include links with consumer brands such as Eon and the Daily Telegraph to market their services to consumers.
AxiomHighly CommendedAlternative legal provider77620By offering high-quality lawyers on a flexible basis, the law firm helps clients save up to 20 per cent on legal bills. It employs a large number of technologists and process analysts to calculate the best ways to disaggregate legal work to resource it more efficiently for its clients.
Quality SolicitorsHighly CommendedHigh street law66820Structured like a franchise, Quality Solicitors effectively rebrands 300 pre-existing high street solicitors under a common, consumer-friendly identity. The brand has opened 130 legal access stands in WH Smith shops, and has implemented routine Saturday opening hours to help reach consumers.
Assistenza LegaleHighly CommendedHigh street law66719The first “street-level” consumer law practice in Italy, now with more than 30 offices. Focuses on individuals and small businesses, and has seen revenue rise by 30 per cent in the past year.
Pannone Affinity SolutionsHighly CommendedLegal services provider67619Aims to provide legal services for white-labelled consumer brands, as well as providing advisory support for consumer brands seeking to create their own legal operations.
A4eCommendedHigh street law66618The training company already provides legal services to socially disadvantaged economic groups, but plans to have an ABS running with 400 staff after the implementation of the LSA.
CogentCommendedHigh street law67518Aims to be the legal services provider behind well-known consumer brands. Cogent has recently begun running online document services and legal advice helplines for insurers such as the AA and Saga, and is looking to access more capital through an ABS.
Keystone LawCommendedAlternative legal provider76518The “dispersed” law firm operates from a central-London base with offices throughout the south of England. It plans to create an ABS to fund mid-tier consolidation and launch a consumer-focused brand.
Radiant LawCommendedAlternative legal provider76518New style of law firm focusing on technology, outsourcing and commercial transactions. Cuts costs using extensive collaboration with an Indian legal process outsourcer and by developing its own technology tools.
ArbDBCommendedCombined services66517The world’s first multidisciplinary global chamber of dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation professionals, targeted at international infrastructure projects.
Legal GroundsCommendedAlternative legal provider66517First “virtual law firm” in Italy, offering highly flexible experienced lawyers to clients. Structured under a co-working agreement, rather than a traditional partnership, it has seen a 50 per cent growth in instructions since its launch in 2009.
Russell Jones & WalkerCommendedFuture ABS65516With experience of running the Claims Direct telephone legal service, the firm has ambitions to establish itself in the consumer market, potentially through becoming an ABS and taking on external capital.
VamcoCommendedCombined services56516The vehicular-accident claims management company is planning to become an ABS to handle the legal work associated with claims. The aim is to increase the speed and recovery levels of claims for a reduced
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