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StandoutVodafone88824The development and implementation of a new contract life-cycle management system involved locating and digitising over 40,000 enterprise contracts, and integrating it with template libraries and an electronic signature system to manage and speed up the customer contracting process. The system allows the legal and sales teams to automate reporting, proactively manage renewals, and give the business clear oversight of time and resources as well as adherence to standard terms in its sales contracts.
Highly CommendedJohn Lewis Partnership68822A change in its approach to using technology has transformed the partnership’s legal team. Document automation, document management and workflow management tools have improved efficiency and helped business colleagues complete basic legal tasks. The tools also collect data that the legal department is using to demonstrate the team’s own value and support requests for increased budget and more input into business decisions.
Highly CommendedAnheuser-Busch InBev87722Developed the Compliance Channel, a website and app to make the company’s compliance programme accessible to over 200,000 employees in 90 countries. It centralises information and standardises processes, making it easier for employees to access policies, procedures and a whistle-blower hotline.
CommendedThermo Fisher Scientific77721The European legal team created a litigation database to manage workflow and provide oversight of current litigation across the region. The database pushes alerts and information to stakeholders across the business, including the finance team, to help estimate litigation costs.
CommendedPayPal UK77721Implemented two contract management systems for merchant and vendor agreements, which had taken up around half the legal team’s time. Many lower-value contracts are now entirely automated.
CommendedNovartis77721A new tech group within the legal team is exploring the use of digital and advanced data analytics, helping to automate and standardise legal processes. A partnership with Globality, which matches clients with small and mid-sized providers, has helped the legal team identify new technology solutions and partnerships, and helped make the department a leader within the company for its exploration of artificial intelligence tools.
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