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Innovative lawyers 2017: Strategy and Changing Behaviour - in-house legal teams

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StandoutING Bank89825The legal team has become a leading example of how to innovate at the bank. Lawyers developed ideas for an artificial intelligence tool and global e-signature platform, which are being developed in the bank’s corporate accelerator with €300,000 and six months invested in each. Lawyers also support new innovation projects and products across the business by building virtual teams of experts.
StandoutEquatorial Coca Cola Bottling Company79824Created a new corporate affairs department combining legal, compliance and public affairs staff to oversee broader non-market risk across the company. The new approach to risk management is elevating the role and influence of in-house lawyers in the business.
Highly CommendedVodafone78823Under a transformation and innovation agenda, the legal team has worked with other departments to develop new tools, processes and projects. A supplier contract management system allows the procurement team to create and manage its own contracts and track their value over time.
Highly CommendedVMware69823The legal team is looking beyond the company for areas in which to innovate, including setting up a European chapter of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium to help encourage change across the in-house legal community.
CommendedThermo Fisher Scientific68721Restructured the legal team to support the diverse biotechnology business, which covers six different business groups and 20 divisions. It has allowed the legal team to standardise systems, processes and technology tools, and create a common culture.
CommendedThe Crown Estate77721Created a set of benchmarks to assess outside lawyers, based on core principles of clarity, transparency and confidence. The legal team shares the new measurement tool with other companies so they can help develop it further and encourage better performance from their law firms.
CommendedDentsu Aegis Network67720Using animated films and e-learning tools, the legal team has increased compliance awareness within the business and encouraged others in the business to take responsibility for everyday legal risks in contracts.
CommendedDell67720Supporting the integration of the Dell and EMC legal teams after the companies’ merger by promoting a culture of transparency and openness. Team members can ask anonymous questions at weekly sessions and are encouraged to challenge, debate and offer different perspectives.
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