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Innovative lawyers 2017: Strategy and Changing Behaviour

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StandoutHogan Lovells89926A robust business transformation programme went through several employee engagement exercises to change the mindsets of staff. It has resulted in the firm diversifying into offering wider consultancy services, the automation of elements of its legal services and wide-scale adoption of legal project management.
StandoutAllen & Overy98825A grassroots approach to improving the way the firm uses IT has led to the creation of i2, a team of technologists who help junior staff see their ideas through to fruition. Ideas are voted on by a “people’s panel” to ensure they get a fair hearing.
StandoutLinklaters88824The firm offered more than 5,000 staff the chance to contribute ideas to the future direction of the firm. The engagement exercise also involved 130 clients and alumni. One suggestion was to move away from using financial metrics to measure partner performance.
StandoutCuatrecasas88824A consultation exercise to implement the firm’s strategic plan involved 160 people divided into nine different multidisciplinary teams who worked on various projects connected with the firm’s strategic goals.
Highly CommendedNautaDutilh98623The firm’s “innovation funnel” develops a five-stage process to structure how the firm takes the ideas from its staff and turns them into workable innovations.
Highly CommendedDLA Piper87823A “CEO challenge” was put to more than 6,000 staff, based around a single question of what the firm could do better. It engaged 2,755 staff and resulted in 25 active projects.
Highly CommendedCMS79723The merger of three UK law firms has taken the best strategic elements of each firm to adopt agile working, generous maternity policies and advanced technologies.
Highly CommendedVdA68822Continued innovation has helped the firm emerge as the largest in Portugal by turnover. It has improved its idea management systems and honed its focus on the industrial sectors.
Highly CommendedRoberts Jackson78722The firm, which is based in Cheshire in the UK and specialises in industrial disease claims, is attempting to monitor and improve customers’ experience by using Net Promoter Score ratings throughout the litigation process.
Highly CommendedOntier87722Growing from a two-office Spanish operation in 2008 to become an international network with 21 offices in 14 jurisdictions, the firm has pursued an unusual strategy that has involved it acquiring majority stakes in leading national law firms to bring them under a single neutral brand of Ontier.
Highly CommendedMatheson87621The firm has marshalled its innovation activities and sought to capture its best practice under the brand Smart@Matheson, which has helped galvanise its efforts in employee engagement.
CommendedWiggin67720To cement its position as a leading media law firm, it continues to diversify. Initiatives include the launch of a service to help producers source finance for production and distribution, and an alliance with Reviewed & Cleared to streamline delivery of pre-publication and pre-broadcast advice.
CommendedDWF77620The firm has sought to incentivise, increase and track its people’s involvement in corporate social responsibility activities.
CommendedAshurst66820The firm’s innovation exchange is an online resource to provide employees with a platform to demonstrate their entrepreneurialism and contribute to the development of ways to improve client satisfaction.
CommendedGómez-Acebo & Pombo67619The firm is moving away from being organised in legal practice areas towards multidisciplinary teams concentrating on specific industrial sectors, as it works more closely with clients through its InBEnta platform to create new products.
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