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Innovative lawyers 2017: Rule of Law and Access to Justice - in-house legal teams

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StandoutLexisNexis99927The team promotes the adoption of its Global Rule of Law Business Principles, an initiative endorsed by the UN that aims to galvanise businesses into encouraging best practice. In addition, the Rule of Law Impact Tracker launched last September helps businesses visualise the possible human and economic effects as the rule of law grows globally. Commended: Ian McDougall
StandoutThe Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce99725The Stockholm Treaty Lab encourages collaborations between the public and private sectors to draft new treaties to tackle climate change and protect green foreign direct investments. Commended: Annette Magnusson
Highly CommendedNestlé78823A dedicated team helps the business promote the rule of law and sustainable development in their global operations. Lawyers are seeking to uncover and disclose any presence of forced labour in their supply chains. Commended: Ricardo Cortés-Monroy
Highly CommendedBT (PSI Team)78722The team collaborates with industry bodies and other in-house legal teams to ensure a sound legal framework is established for emerging rule of law issues in data privacy and protection. It is also developing a due diligence tool for broadcasters at risk of legitimising human rights violations through their involvement in televising international sporting events.
CommendedAviva77620Working with legal teams set up after the Grenfell Tower fire, lawyers have helped to establish a point-of-contact scheme to help victims with insurance queries and claims.
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