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StandoutPayPal UK89825Lawyers play a leading role in the development, strategy and marketing of new products at the payments company. They helped launch Shell’s “Fill Up and Go” app that allows customers to pay for their petrol at the pump using a PayPal account. Lawyers were also behind the development of Harrow council’s My Community e-Purse for social care payments and a revamp of PayPal’s mobile app, PayPal.me.
Highly CommendedAviva77822The legal team brought together lawyers from different parts of the business to develop a new offering for Aviva Investors, its asset management arm. The alternative investment product allows clients to invest across a range of less usual categories including corporate and real estate debt.
CommendedDell67821The Emea legal team developed a consumption-based contractual framework, which allows customers to pay for services based on their actual use.
CommendedVodafone67720The team negotiated with car manufacturers and local regulators to support the development of an "Internet in the Car" WiFi service.
CommendedNokia78520Lawyers have helped the telecoms group develop new applications for drone technology. Drone services can be used in the maintenance of hard-to-reach facilities such as power lines as well as emergency operations.
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