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Innovative lawyers 2017: New Markets and Capital - in-house legal teams

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StandoutCME Group99725The London-based legal team worked with the business’s digitisation group, regulators and the Royal Mint to develop a digital gold product and trading platform based on blockchain technology. The distributed ledger technology will provide a digital record of ownership for gold stored at the Royal Mint and allow participants to trade securely and efficiently in real time.
StandoutThe Crown Estate78924Played a leading role to restructure the UK’s offshore wind industry. By changing their leasing methodology and taking a risk-weighted approach to new leases, the legal team has helped the UK to deliver 5GW of offshore energy, making it the leading offshore renewable energy generator in the world.
Highly CommendedBritish Business Bank88723The legal team rewrote the Enterprise Finance Guarantee lending scheme and is helping to reshape the market by guaranteeing new types of financing for small and medium-sized businesses. The state-owned bank now supports 27,000 loans to small businesses in the UK that may not otherwise have access to funds.
Highly CommendedAtom Bank78722Led the work to meet complex regulatory and legal requirements to allow the launch of the UK’s first app-only or digital bank. The fast-growing bank has no branches, tellers or physical outlets for customers, and was set up to challenge the traditional banking model.
CommendedRedes Energéticas Nacionais58720A new general counsel and legal team with strong transactional experience allowed the in-house legal team to lead the Portuguese energy company in its first international deal, acquiring a stake in a Chilean company that owns a key gas pipeline in the central region of Chile.
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