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Innovative lawyers 2017: New Business and Service Delivery Models - in-house legal teams

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StandoutRoyal Mail Group88824Created a new operating model for the legal department to increase its capability and work more efficiently. It includes new technologies and training to help business colleagues create and manage contracts and expanding the legal department with 15 new hires. The reorganised legal team delivered £2m in recoveries and supported a big strategic acquisition while cutting overall legal spend.
StandoutNokia Corporation78823Achieved €10m in annual savings through a combination of reviewing its panel of law firms, scaling up an offshore service centre in India, and more efficient ways of working. Using Lean process improvement techniques, the team has reduced the time to bring on board its resellers by 55 per cent and speeded up the contracting process.
StandoutNational Grid78823In a new approach to managing law firm services, the power group’s panel of law firms are required to co-ordinate their added value services jointly and follow a process that ensures they avoid duplicating advice.
Highly CommendedVeon77822The legal team led the creation of a centralised procurement unit to change the way Veon contracts and does business with suppliers globally, saving over $600m in two years.
Highly CommendedCarillion Advice Services77822Since it was set up in 2011 to provide legal services to Carillion and external clients, the Carillion Advice Services business unit has saved Carillion 15 per cent a year in legal costs and expanded the number of corporate clients it serves.
CommendedNovartis67821Set up a special resource centre in Hyderabad to handle certain legal tasks more efficiently by benefiting from technology and scale. The team also includes a central data analytics unit that measures law firm performance and collaboration.
CommendedNestlé77721Reorganised the legal department and implemented operational changes to cut legal spend by 20 per cent while increasing the team’s remit. Integrating a separate patents team now allows it to support development of a product from idea to launch.
CommendedSnam67720New hires, a new vendor management system, and changes to the organisational structure have transformed the legal team and brought legal, compliance and corporate affairs staff closer to the business.
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