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Innovative lawyers 2017: New Business and Service Delivery Models

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StandoutFieldfisher88925The firm’s delivery platform for large-scale document automation projects combines lawyers' legal and regulatory expertise with low-cost legal and business process services and technology. Condor Alternative Legal Services is run as a separate service, has a dedicated chief executive and can deliver cost reductions of up to 50 per cent against traditional law firm pricing.
StandoutSamaniego Law89724An Iberian and Americas law firm that gives legal advice, flexible resourcing and technology solutions to help companies deal with everyday challenges. The model saves up to 60 per cent of the costs of a traditional law firm.
StandoutAllen & Overy69924The firm continues to integrate different resourcing and technology services, which are now equivalent in size to A&O's fifth largest office.
Highly CommendedPinsent Masons88723The firm created a project management platform for its lawyers and clients to manage, track and report on mergers and acquisitions. It helps lawyers standardise project management for big deals.
Highly CommendedMJ Hudson78823The firm advises the alternative asset management industry from end to end, providing legal and ancillary services to clients in a multidisciplinary model in which every member of staff has a stake in the business.
Highly CommendedInvicta Law88723The next iteration of the legal service business that was owned by regional authority Kent County Council, Invicta is now a standalone local authority trading company that provides legal services to public sector legal teams.
Highly CommendedBaker McKenzie78823In a large, complex project management exercise in more than 100 jurisdictions for Emerson, the US multinational, the firm co-ordinated deal rooms, created central dashboards and reduced reporting times by 50 per cent.
CommendedTPR Legal78722A new business model combines a law firm and technology business to help clients with high-volume legal work such as real estate lease reviews and company secretarial work.
CommendedMcCann FitzGerald78722One of the first to set up an incubation unit to develop technology for clients that removes unnecessary lawyering from the legal process.
CommendedLa Scala Studio Legale77721The firm “industrialised” its processes to adapt to competition in the credit management sector. It diversified from being a pure law firm, set up back office functions, and now handles €5bn of claims.
CommendedDWF77721Working on a large mergers and acquisitions transaction that involved the creation and completion of 600 employment agreements, the firm used its integrated service delivery model to cut 360 hours of lawyer time.
CommendedAddleshaw Goddard68721A toolkit that breaks mergers and acquisitions down into stages, and unusually goes beyond deal completion to the integration phase. It is regularly updated to capture know-how while also providing fast training to young lawyers.
CommendedPwC Tax & Legal Services77620The Spanish office is helping clients respond to changes in VAT information demands, combining tax advisers with technology experts to enable companies to send invoices in real time to the tax authorities.
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