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Innovative lawyers 2017: Managing and Developing Talent - in-house legal teams

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StandoutAviva78823Changes in the in-house team’s international secondment programme give staff the chance to undertake a four-week legal placement overseas, work in other areas of the business, or externally for government and technology companies. Following these placements, a follow-up process helps staff apply new skills and to develop their next stage of learning.
Highly CommendedVodafone78722The telecoms group has launched a so-called “legal university” to provide flexible access to online learning for its global legal team. Modules cover seven core skills and focus on a range of personal and professional areas of development. They allow individuals to set their own goals and gain skills and experience beyond their areas of legal expertise.
CommendedNestlé67821Investment in new talent is helping the in-house legal department take on a broader remit within the business. New hires include staff with double degrees in law and sciences, experience in digital industries, and specialists in engineering, communications and human resources.
CommendedDell67619An international assignment programme allows legal team members to spend two to four weeks working on a project in a different office. The programme is helping to share knowledge and build new working relationships.
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