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Innovative lawyers 2017: Driving Value - in-house legal teams

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StandoutNovartis88824Lawyers worked with the Innovative Medicines Business Unit to develop outcome-based pricing arrangements for some of the pharma group’s new products. This means the buyer, often an insurance company, will only pay the full price if the drug has a certain result.
Highly CommendedSnam78823Lawyers at the Italian energy company project- managed the complex separation of its gas distribution business, carving out assets, operations, processes and 3,000 people when there was often no clear divide.
Highly CommendedNokia Corporation78823The telecoms group turned an intellectual property dispute with Apple into a business co-operation agreement. It includes a new IP licensing agreement and a deal for Apple to sell Nokia’s healthcare products and use its enterprise networks.
CommendedRoyal Mail Group78722The in-house criminal team was brought into the group legal department, allowing it to take a more active approach to tackling fraud, protecting revenue and recovering debt.
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