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Innovative lawyers 2017: Dispute Resolution - in-house legal teams

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StandoutHyundai Motor Europe88925Lawyers created a dual strategy to stop the unauthorised resale of Hyundai vehicles in Europe. It applied the European Court of Justice Metro-Cartier decision to limit manufacturers’ warranties to vehicles sold by an authorised dealer. Lawyers also pursued trademark infringement cases to stop the distribution of cars from outside the region.
StandoutBT (PSI Team)88824In a case brought by the Premier League, BT lawyers developed a legal approach to help win a High Court order to block streaming servers illegally sharing live Premier League football games. The order gives the flexibility to identify and change which servers should be blocked.
Highly CommendedNovartis78823The pharma group’s Sandoz division secured a ruling from the US Supreme Court that will allow drug companies to offer “biosimilars” — generic copies of biological drugs — to patients in competition with original brands more speedily.
CommendedEon UK67821The power group took a bold approach to pursue a dispute with MT Højgaard over who should bear contractual responsibility for construction problems at the Robin Rigg offshore wind farm. By not settling, Eon maintained a strong negotiating position with suppliers.
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