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Award Level
LinklatersStandoutThe Linklaters 'deal': global career development programme for associates.78722A systematic initiative to give associates more of a valuable, portable career, based on a "grow and go" model rather than the common "up and out" approach.
Berwin Leighton PaisnerStandoutIn-house Headhunter: top recruiter employed by the firm to find high calibre associates.86721Focused, resourceful recruitment initiative. Uses internal lawyers to source potential candidates in return for bonuses. Firm saves £500,000 in recruitment fees. 44 associates and partners recruited in 24 months.
Freshfields Bruckhaus DeringerStandoutSenior Associate Development: simulating real life through the use of clients and external coaches.77620An unusually effective, high pressure business simulation for 28 associates. Besides clients and coaches, 50 of the firm's partners also participated in 2 day sessions which gives associates an intense push up their career curves.
iLawHighly commendedNew recruitment and compensation model for a law firm.76619Recruit only senior lawyers and pay them on the basis of their fee income. Lawyers earn 50% of fees up to £200,000, and a higher percentage if they bill more. Leads to genuine flexible working on a scale not seen in top law firms.
LovellsHighly commendedSenior Associate Development: interactive, well structured associate conference.76619Senior associates have Myers Briggs profiling before the event, mentoring by a partner, and 'virtual' action learning groups. Firm's partners staff an interactive exhibition space. 'Elective' sessions give all round commercial training.
Clifford ChanceHighly commendedGlobal career framework for business services staff who are usually neglected in law firms.67619A transparent structure and a set of core competencies formally define all business services roles in the firm. The framework gives clarity and career development to this group of employees.
Blake LapthornHighly commendedPromoting and integrating the firm's core values.66719The firm, which is a product of three mergers in five years, has instituted core values through the use of office champions and a people-led approach rather than a procedural one.
Allen & OveryHighly commendedAn evolved, on-site health and wellbeing solution for staff.76619The preventative element is a twist on law firm health offerings. In-house doctors and dentists, physiotherapsists and a physiologist are part of this integrated service which also includes health screening, an on-site pathology lab and 24-hours-a-day adv
LinklatersHighly commendedGlobal career development programme for business services staff.56718A pragmatic, throrough approach to business services training that is rare in law firms. Includes a global talent programme to encourage talented advisors to become leaders and provides experiential training at every level.
GarriguesHighly commendedPost-graduate programme in contract law for trainees with Harvard Law School.76518Garrigues and Harvard Law school offer a joint post-graduate course for all practising junior lawyers which is the first of its kind in Spain. Course comprises 262 classroom hours, uses distance monitoring and on-line training technologies.
De Brauw Blackstone WestbroekHighly commendedBrains in Business campaign and new recruitment website.57618Re-vamped website shows the human face of the firm via streamed videos. Applications to the firm have increased and page views doubled.
Allen & OveryHighly commendedParents@A&O: intranet for parents and parents-to-be.76518Providing an interactive resource for parents and not just women is different. It gives common ground to people across the firm to cover a broad range of child-related issues.
Wragge & CoCommendedTeaching partners and associates to become coaches using bespoke programme from Kaizen Consulting.66517Using coaching to create a safe environment to transfer knowledge. Coaching is flexible and used in 10 minute slots to create a system of regular, responsive feedback.
SJ BerwinCommendedCoaching partners using sporting psychologies.56617Using Lane 4 which was co-founded by Adrian Moorhouse MBE, Olympic gold medallist, to help partners focus on creating high performance teams. One of the largest joined-up programmes in the legal sector which is effecting behavioural change.
LovellsCommendedStructured training programme for business support staff, PAs, associates and trainees.56617Teaches commercial awareness to all employee groups in the firm that is tailored to their functions and requirements. Each group is trained to understand their clients be they internal or external.
Herbert SmithCommendedCampus Managers: using a student representative to promote the firm all year round.65617Campus managers assist the firm's graduate team in planning events and act as a source of information for students on campus. There are 22 campus managers all over the UK. Firm has seen 20 per cent increase in offers to participating universities.
EvershedsCommendedFlexible working empowerment.56516Making flexible working requests easy and paperless through the introduction of an informal discussion with the line manager to get flexible working approved.
BeachcroftCommendedFlexible working: allows employees choice over how they work.56516Different options, clarity about the process and the ease of applying for flexible working differentiates this approach. Firm provides all the necessary technology, equipment and stationery.
AshurstCommendedChanging Pension Management: introduction of a single new pension structure for all staff.65516A firm-wide overhaul of a key, emotionally sensitive benefit. A pension manager website now enables the firm and all staff to manage their pensions effectively.
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