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Fraud 2008

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Award Level
Peters & PetersStandoutPlea agreement between US Department of Justice and UK Office of Fair Trading in first ever UK cartel conviction.77822Two British businessmen arrested in the US on cartel charges will now serve their entire sentences in the UK because of the innovation of their lawyers. A legal landmark in cartel cases where there are no global agreements.
CMSStandoutFighting Fraud Together: promoting collective action and public-private sector co-operation in £20 million worth of property fraud.78621Simon Chandler at CMS initiated and drove a collective response to mortgage fraud to help his client and others recoup losses that ran into the millions. Usually commercial information relating to fraud is private. Mr Chandler managed to convince big commercial lenders to share information, explore collective asset recovery action and help the police apprehend the perpetrators.
DLA PiperHighly commendedproTECT - Global Risk Online Gap Analysis: compliance programme for global companies.56718Recognising that cost is a main barrier to global regulatory compliance, the product uses web-based applications and questionnaires to profile risk, benchmark and identify gaps across a global business.
Dorsey & WhitneyHighly commendedAnti-Fraud Network: linking experts from different law firms across over 20 jurisdictions through their expertise in fraud.57517A small, focused network of lawyers which saves the client time and money. It also benefits individual members who can keep up to date and immediately access reliable legal knowledge when required.
LinklatersCommendedDefence of Citi €12 billion trade on MTS and Eurex markets against charges of market abuse, and breaches of exchange regulations.56516In-depth investigation and on-going defence of the Citi trade in multiple jursidictions across Europe where the regulations are new. Successfully argued for the Belgian regulator to accept principle of double jeopardy, as Citi had already been tried and penalised for a minor breach in the UK.
Bankside LawCommendedSecuring household insurance as a novel way to fund legal costs where other avenues of funding were not available.65516The firm helped the wife of a fraudulent husband to argue for a bigger equity share of the matrimonial home which was under threat as a result of his conviciton. Could have an impact on funding for legal aid cases.
Hickman & RoseCommendedDefending a client who had pleaded guilty to a serious offence and faced confiscation proceedings for alleged criminal benefit of £70 million.55515Firm put together a speedy, cross border case which involved video footage and extensive evidence to prove the client did not own the assets that were under threat of confiscation. Firm was successful in helping the client out to avoid a 10 year prison sentence.
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