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Award Level
Allen & OveryStandoutSchefenacker restructuring.86721A debt to equity conversion of bonds. This was impossible under German law. A&O managed to use the UK company voluntary arrangements and migrate the company's assets to an English company.
Kromann ReumertStandoutProark group renewable energy fund project.87520A transaction illustrating partner Jens Blomgren-Hansen's unusually proactive and innovative approach to legal services. He researched the market, came up with a business plan for a renewable energy fund, sold it to the client and found investors.
De Brauw Blackstone WestbroekStandoutFast-track access to European capital markets.76720Euronext Amsterdam asked De Brauw to come up with a method of cross-listing New York Stock Exchange transactions on the Dutch Stock Exchange without an elaborate prospectus. The firm responded with a unique regime.
Wragge & CoHighly commendedDeveloping and launching Smartfund in the UK, the first retail investment product approved by the Financial Services Authority.85619The firm had to find a way to introduce the Australian concept of separately managed accounts into the UK unit trust regulatory framework. With the introduction of additional transparency, this could see a shake-up of the role of unit trust fund managers.
Travers SmithHighly commendedMigrating Euro settlement.75719The firm advised Euroclear on transferring its clearance of euro trades from the Bank of England to the Central Bank of Ireland involving novel 'springing contracts'.It was critical that the transfer met its deadline.
Nörr Stiefenhofer LutzHighly commendedFinancing of the largest bioenergy park worldwide.76619The firm not only agreed the licences and permits, but they also came up with a novel form of asset financing and used their own contacts to set up the funding.
LinklatersHighly commendedTata Steel's acquisition of Corus Group.66618This massive transaction involved Linklaters having to reshape the debt facilities following the downturn. The team also achieved a complex agreement to accommodate the Corus pension funds, including those of British Steel.
Latham & WatkinsHighly commendedEurotunnel restructuring.75618As adviser to Deutsche Bank, the pivotal creditor in the restructuring, the firm led the creditor negotiations.
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer / Norton RoseHighly commendedPalestinian multi-national guarantee facilities.66618Asked to put in place a structure to set up a $200m guarantee facility for Palestinian small businesses, Freshfields worked pro bono for three years as did an associate who moved to Norton Rose mid-project.
Freshfields Bruckhaus DeringerHighly commendedEurotunnel restructuring.75618Lead adviser to Eurotunnel on the company's unprecedented restructuring which was done under the new French safeguard law.
Freshfields Bruckhaus DeringerHighly commendedGetting a rating for microfinance transactions.75618Advice to Deutsche Bank on microfinance securitisation. The innovation is the external rating that makes the loans attractive to a larger group of lenders who might then become involved in charitable purchase loans.
Clifford ChanceHighly commendedShaping the covered bond market in The Netherlands and beyond.76518The firm, with ABN Amro, set up the first covered bond in The Netherlands. They borrowed and simplified the UK model and are now rolling out their expertise to other jurisdictions.
Allen & OveryHighly commendedDrivers of the development of a legislative framework for UK covered bonds.76518The firm was the main driver behind the development of UK legislation for the covered bond market. This gives the market parity with other European markets. It is still too aerly to assess the effect of the law.
McCann FitzGeraldCommendedIrish covered bonds.65617The firm pioneered the use of covered bonds in Ireland and was responsible for the law which came into place in 2001. It was also responsible for the 2007 Amendment Act.
Latham & WatkinsCommendedPensions First Limited innovative capital market solution85417Opening up the pensions sector to the capital markets, bringing transparency and efficiency. This transaction involved the first longevity bonds to be listed on a recognised stock exchange.
Herbert SmithCommendedSwiss Re restructuring.75517Re-registration of the UK non-life carrier as a European company and redomiciling to Luxembourg.
Clifford ChanceCommendedDP World £2.4bn Initial Public Offering on the Dubai International Financial Exchange.65617The largest ever IPO in the Middle East and the first on the DIFX. The firm managed to overcome the potential obstacle of the sukuk and made unwieldly documentation available on the internet without breaching US securities regulations.
Hergüner Bilgen ÖzekeCommendedSale of 60 per cent of shares of Türkiye Finans Katilim Bankasi.55616The largest ever share sale in Islamic banking at over $1bn. Use of a private auction made this novel.
Clifford ChanceCommendedClimate Awareness Bond.66416The firm has put into place a structure to implement an idea from EIB to raise funds for green projects.
Cleary Gottlieb Steen & HamiltonCommendedInnovative contingent capital structures for Deutsche Bank.65516The firm has helped to develop new structures which allow the bank to maintain its liquidity while maintaining control over its capital structure.
Allen & OveryCommendedDutch loyalty dividend.75416A&O moulded a loyalty dividend, unprecedented under Dutch law, into the legal framework for client Royal DSM.
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