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Most innovative law firms in International Strategy 2013

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Law firm
Award level
Houthoff BurumaStandout88723Encouraging Chinese businesses investing in Africa to use Dutch bilateral investment treaties.
MacfarlanesStandout88521Building a China business through sharing environmental law expertise.
Herbert Smith FreehillsHighly Commended67720Going for a full-equity merger rather than the usual Swiss Verein route to create a UK-Australian firm.
Miranda Correia AmendoeiraHighly Commended76720Fast-tracking its connection into sub-Saharan Africa to build a presence to support UK and US firms.
Slaughter and MayHighly Commended67720Building an Africa business through providing extensive support to local firms to help them modernise.
Taylor VintersHighly Commended77620Coming out of its Cambridge base to use its tech focus to build links with Singapore and win clients.
White & CaseHighly Commended77620Building its English Law capacity around the world to challenge UK law firms in international work.
Allen & OveryCommended67619Building close relationships with worldwide law firms through a suite of activities.
Norton Rose FulbrightCommended66719Swift creation of a global law firm has allowed it to add a vital US component to its Swiss Verein.
PLMJCommended67619Expansion to a presence on five continents.
L&E GlobalCommended66618An unusually focused network of employment boutiques.
LinklatersCommended66618Pursuing an alliance route to international expansion.
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