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Award level
Herbert SmithStandoutFacilitating Electricité de France’s takeover of British Energy87823The firm devised a new form of contingent value in its “nuclear power notes”, allowing agreement to be reached when the two sides were conflicted as to the value of the target. This deal will ensure the UK has nuclear power over the next 10 years
EvershedsStandoutSaving the rainforest of Guyana with fees in kind77721Agreeing to provide legal services to the president of Guyana up to the value of the firm’s outstanding carbon footprint. These services work on projects to assure a more sustainable future
Clifford ChanceHighly commendedA tradeable carbon currency77620The firm has set up three emissions registries for the Voluntary Carbon Standard Association, turning carbon trading for non-governmental organisations from a concept into a genuine market
CMS Cameron McKennaHighly commendedStructuring a joint venture between two power rivals67720Negotiating an agreement between RWE and Eon, the energy companies. By extensively stress-testing all the outcomes, the firm played a quasi in-house role to ensure success
CMS Cameron McKennaCommendedA programme to upgrade the oil refinery at the heart of Gdansk's economy66618Partner Alex Doughty, an ex-investment banker, took on a pivotal role to enable the re-financing of the LOTOS refinery
Rosenblatt SolicitorsCommendedNew Energy Awards: law firm holds its own awards ceremony65516An event that is nationally recognised, and attempts to reinforce social networking in the industry whilst promoting it. 10% of the proceeds go to environmental charities
CMS Cameron McKennaCommendedBeatice oil field55616The firm advised Talisman Energy on a £10 million lease arrangement for the Beatrice oil field and the Nigg oil terminal, thus saving the oil field for the foreseeable future
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