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Award level
Baker McKenzieHighly CommendedGlobal relationship model for Invensys’ employment law needs67518A creative proposal to service all the client’s employment-law needs won the firm this global account. Technology tools to share information and manage employment risk and a fixed-fee model are part of the offering.
Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves PereiraHighly CommendedA standard language for securitisation fund57618Negotiated with Standard & Poor’s to create standard wording to comply with new regulations. The wording can be used by all Spanish securitisation funds, reducing legal costs.
DLA PiperHighly CommendedPricing and profitability project66618A package of training, reports and technological tools to increase partner expertise in pricing structures and profitability while giving clarity to clients.
Arthur CoxCommendedManaging the Irish Health Service Executive legal function56617The HSE outsourced all of its external legal services to the firm, including management of 30 law firms subcontracted to provide various services.
EvershedsCommendedSecurity backbook file review for Barclays Wealth57517Combines legal expertise with business-process re-engineering. Firm used outsourcers in India to cut costs for their client by an estimated 75 per cent.
NoerrCommendedHelping insurance companies outsource IT support75517A legal solution to make internal IT outsourcing practical for German insurers, navigating strict provisions of the country’s criminal code.
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