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Award level
AxiomStand-outNew model law firm89522Streamlined structure passes on cost savings and enfranchises employees with a “pick and mix” approach to workload. A pool of flexible lawyers staffs deals and plugs temporary gaps in clients’ in-house legal teams
TLT SolicitorsStand-outBuilding a property development extranet77721Property developer clients save 60 per cent in legal fees by using the firm’s sales process online. In a jittery housing market, the speed of transactions gives clients an edge by limiting the number of aborted sales
EvershedsStand-outGlobal e-learning for staff68721A blended approach to technology is bringing legal e-learning into contention with the other, more IT-savvy professional services firms
Mills & ReeveStand-outLocating legal experience in an instant67720The “experience locator” is pushing the boundaries of enterprise search engines. Compared with other firms, Mills & Reeve is using more than twice as much data to find and refine its instantaneous search for internal lawyers with relevant expertise
Allen & OveryStand-outCreating value in repeat transactions67720Sun Ray Renewable, a sponsor of a solar energy park in Italy and multiple prospective sites across Europe, saved 80 per cent of legal fees on repeat transactions by agreeing to an upfront investment in a reusable suite of documents
Addleshaw GoddardStand-outSelf-funding litigation for negligent property valuations68620“Regain” is a fee model that helps lender-clients recover value lost in the falling housing market. The firm finds new opportunities to force professional valuers to make up the difference
EvershedsHighly commendedThink-tank for alternative pricing models77519High-level partners meet regularly to generate and propagate firm-wide pricing best practice. Example arrangements include a discounted fixed fee with a cross-review procedure that requires the firm to score the referral behaviour of the client
Allen & OveryHighly commendedLitigation document management67619Increasingly laborious use of electronic documents is streamlined by a suite of products being marketed to clients. The firm’s analytical software places it ahead of its competitors
Clifford ChanceHighly commendedReal-time interactive web conferences57618“Webinars” enable worldwide clients to watch live discussions on topical legal issues and ask questions via email
Berwin Leighton PaisnerHighly commendedKeeping the system running in a disaster58518Virtual desktop technology is being used to guarantee the rapid restoration of the firm’s IT capabilities in an emergency, while contributing to savings of up to £1m ($1.5m)
AshurstHighly commendedIntegrating external technology to aid internal compliance57618Collaborating with multiple software suppliers to centralise the firm’s global compliance obligations. Speeding up conflict checks and new business inception
Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves PereiraCommendedJudging legal costs by the outcome of a tax audit66517Basing a fee arrangement with a new client on the first-instance decision of the Spanish tax authorities demonstrated the firm’s appetite for risk-sharing
CMS Cameron McKennaCommendedPegging legal fees to the price of oil66517As part of the firm’s alternative pricing strategy, an energy client was offered a sliding hourly rate linked to the price of a barrel of oil
Allen & OveryCommendedManaging risk for energy traders65617Developed in conjunction with the European Federation of Energy Traders, “EFETalytics” saves members significant time in working out net positions on derivatives
SKW SchwarzCommendedGuiding distressed clients through the recession56516Provided free legal advice to stricken clients during the credit crisis, on the condition that a reduced sum would be repaid if and when the company recovered
Portolano Cavallo Studio LegaleCommendedPractical approach to reducing litigation legal costs47516A package holiday supplier was able to settle a raft of high-volume, low-value litigation cases where the legal costs would have exceeded the likely outcome from the court
Mills & ReeveCommendedFree online advice on procurement law47516The implications of a new EU directive are explained to clients and non-clients alike. Services like the standalone calculator help reduce uncertainty of the rule changes
Kemp Little ConsultingCommendedCalculating profitability of fee proposals56516The “QlikView” pricing management system gives the firm a quick and comprehensive tool to measure the profitability of fee proposals
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