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Dispute Resolution - non credit crisis 2009

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Award level
AshurstStandoutCompetition law strategy for Virgin Media78722An aggressive legal approach enabled Virgin Media to reassert itself against the dominant BSkyB. This was the first time a UK Competition Commission merger report had been successfully challenged, and the first time allegations of monopsony power had been brought in litigation in the UK
Latham & WatkinsStandoutCartel-busting action67821Challenging the accepted rule that music cartels were sacrosanct, the firm proved that a 1989 judgment does not apply in the digital age. Eight years of lobbying saw a decision overturning the cartels
Peters & PetersStandoutProtecting clients after a police crackdown on organised crime76720The firm manoeuvred between civil, criminal, tax and benefits laws to sensitively negotiate its clients out of potential criminal proceedings and reuniting them with their safety deposit boxes
EvershedsStandoutSaving Amway68620In a “bet the company” situation, the firm immersed itself in all aspects of Amway’s UK business to conduct a radical review and business remodelling, averting enforced wind-up proceedings
Herbert SmithHighly commendedA multi-jurisdictional, precedent setting, billion dollar divorce of two Russian business partners66618In an emotionally-charged case involving the richest businessman in Russia, the Herbert Smith team unravelled the complexities of Russian law to obtain a three-pronged freezing order and came up with a new argument to outwit abuse of majority shareholders' position
Freshfields Bruckhaus DeringerHighly commendedForcing greater transparency in EU decisions56718Freshfields successfully rallied member states and NGOs behind MEP Turco in his quest for transparency in a key decision regarding the reception of asylum-seekers in member states
OlswangHighly commendedMarrying established laws with cutting-edge technology to chase down anonymous online wrong-doers66517The firm is ahead of the curve in exploiting the various tools available to fight the abuse of new media outlets. They developed the 'Spartacus Order' which forces wrong-doers to identify themselves
Clifford Chance, Brodermann & Jahn and othersHighly commendedBridging East-West divides - a new Chinese-European arbitration centre76417This groundbreaking arbitral organisation shares power equally between European, Chinese and 'rest of world' representatives, allowing for genuine neutrality
CMS Cameron McKennaCommendedInfluencing legal developments in the Jackson review of civil litigation costs57416The firm has gone a step further than its peers in contributing to the debate on civil justice systems via sponsorship of a five year research programme on European civil justice at Oxford
CMS Cameron McKennaCommendedUsing novel methods of service to track down an evasive businessman in China56516The firm obtained an unprecedented order to serve notice of proceedings on a litigant via email, avoiding potentially lengthy and uncertain diplomatic negotiations
Bird & BirdCommendedUnpicking the business affairs of two leading antiquities dealers following the death and intestacy of one partner55616Highly complex case involving many legal precedents centring in Greece and involving proceedings ranging from the Isle of Man to Lichtenstein. Innovations included exporting the concept of the Norwich Pharmacal Order to Germany
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