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Dispute Resolution - credit crisis 2009

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LinklatersStandout77721Obtaining an initial moratorium and then a smart use of the court system enabled the firm to take control of Lehman’s relationships, limiting the potential “Balkanisation” of the group
Allen & OveryStandout76720When an SIV governed by New York law collapsed, the firm used English courts to resolve the case. Proceedings in New York would have lasted at least a year. The English courts concluded in two-and-a-half months. Potentially trend-setting
Slaughter and MayHighly commended67619Slaughter and May brought about the first instance of the High Court summarily assessing the whole costs of an action, where the hearing was for more than one day and where substantial costs occurred
McGrigorsHighly commended67619Realising that costs were going to become an issue in this market, the firm identified the right for professional advisers to recover the costs of complying with production orders in a 25-year-old act
EvershedsHighly commended77519Acting for a €1.6bn life assurance company in dispute with a fund manager, Eversheds are defining the nature and limits of collateralised debt obligations in the courts for the first time
NautaDutilhHighly commended66618With the need for a fast settlement in the credit crisis, the firm saved its client Vedior a long litigation. Run from the Netherlands, it is also one of the first mass settlements in Europe
Garrigues and Uría Menéndez (joint)Commended64717Bankinter, the Spanish bank, appointed partners from two firms to head a commission investigating compensation claims from 980 clients. This ensures each claim is judged on its merits and avoids costly litigation. Commended by the Spanish stock exchange commission
Field Fisher WaterhouseCommended75517Tax authorities are increasingly litigating against companies who inaccurately value transferred assets. The firm has developed a system to accurately calculate the transfer price of assets between different companies in a multinational organisation
NCTM Studio Legale AssociatoCommended57416A private equity firm faced over 20 different actions arising from the misconduct of the management team. NCTM are taking an active supervisory role to balance the interests of the company and the investor
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