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Dispute Resolution 2008

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Award Level
Slaughter and MayStandoutLords ruling (July 2007) that Sempra Metals was entitled to compound interest on advanced corporation tax payments.66719A landmark judgement of wide application and destined for student textbooks, the latest ruling in Sempra's 12 year litigation recognised that interest payments in the commercial world are calculated on a compound basis.
Herbert Smith / Linklaters / Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloyStandoutA collaborative effort from the three firms to enforce transgender rights.67619The firms worked on a pro bono basis to represent elderly male-to-female transsexuals who should have received pensions at the age of 60. They proved that the denial of the pensions was in breach of EC law.
DLA PiperStandoutDefending the Government of the Republic of Zambia against the Donegal vulture fund.57719One of the first cases in which a developing nation successfully fought against a 'vulture fund'. The firm's work on the ground to obtain evidence combined with its negotiation skills achieved substantial success in disabling some of the vultures.
Allen & OveryHighly commendedThe case of C v D: use of anti suit-injunction.76518Applying the anti-suit injunction relief pre-emptively to prevent London arbitration awards being challenged outside of England. The first case to reach the courts in this area.
Wragge & CoHighly commendedCinpres Gas Injection v Melea Ltd: longest running dispute in the English patents court.66517A hard fought case to prove that a series of judicial decisions were based on perjured evidence. This "very strange" case, as described by the judicial system, also set a precedent that an employee's perjury constitutes an employer's fraud.
Uría MenéndezHighly commendedTelefónica appeal against the decision of the Court for the Defence of Competition.56617The firm managed to establish that an act of unfair competition did not necessarily constitute a serious distortion of competition. For Telefónica this meant an annulment of the €57million fine.
EvershedsHighly commendedNew application of the Human Rights Act.56617Use of privacy laws to protect the reputation of corporate clients by enforcing the employee's right to privacy.
DLA PiperCommendedAn influential rights to light case.65516The firm were particularly proactive in driving the outcome of this case despite indicators that the case could not be won. It established that it's client, Patten Properties, could develop land without infringing a neighbour's right to light.
Allen & OveryCommendedDebating dishonesty.56516The firm identifies an area of concern to the financial services industry and brought together academics and professionals to debate the issue in an open forum.
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