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Continental European Firms 2009

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Weighted score[1]
Total score[2]
1Tuca Zbarcea & AsociatiiRomania14288
3Portolano Cavallo Studio LegaleItaly6106
4Arthur CoxIreland679
5Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves PereiraSpain5152
6Bredin PratFrance486
8Gleiss LutzGermany457
9Uría MenéndezSpain3192
10Nörr Stiefenhofer LutzGermany296
11Hergüner Bilgen ÖzekeTurkey281
14Wolf TheissAustria1240
15Oppenhoff & PartnerGermany154
16Abreu AdvogadosPortugal136
17Mannheimer SwartlingSweden127
18NCTM Studio Legale AssociatoItaly122
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1. Firms were ranked by their success in the report as follows: Standout = 4 points Highly commended = 2 points Commended = 1 point

2. Firms were scored on every entry they submitted into the 2009 research process, regardless of whether they were ranked in the published FT Innovative Lawyers report.

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